incorrect .vmlist


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Oct 13, 2008
One of my existing nodes died, so I restored VM's on a different node using different vm-id's. If I check the status of my cluster with "pvecm nodes" and "pvecm status" everything seems to be ok.

However, if I grep on the old node name (virt016) I still see the node listed in a file named .vmlist:

pve/.vmlist-20190216-1021:"100": { "node": "virt016", "type": "qemu", "version": 105 },
pve/.vmlist-20190216-1021:"101": { "node": "virt016", "type": "qemu", "version": 106 },
pve/.vmlist-20190216-1021:"106": { "node": "virt016", "type": "qemu", "version": 111 },
pve/.vmlist-20190216-1021:"108": { "node": "virt016", "type": "qemu", "version": 113 },
pve/.vmlist-20190216-1021:"111": { "node": "virt016", "type": "qemu", "version": 108 },
pve/.vmlist-20190216-1021:"119": { "node": "virt016", "type": "qemu", "version": 117 },
pve/.vmlist-20190216-1021:"131": { "node": "virt016", "type": "qemu", "version": 109 },
pve/.vmlist-20190216-1021:"147": { "node": "virt016", "type": "qemu", "version": 116 },
pve/.vmlist-20190216-1021:"170": { "node": "virt016", "type": "qemu", "version": 100 },
pve/.vmlist-20190216-1021:"199": { "node": "virt016", "type": "qemu", "version": 99 },
pve/.vmlist-20190216-1021:"213": { "node": "virt016", "type": "qemu", "version": 115 },
pve/.vmlist-20190216-1021:"215": { "node": "virt016", "type": "qemu", "version": 107 },
pve/.vmlist-20190216-1021:"219": { "node": "virt016", "type": "qemu", "version": 112 },
pve/.vmlist-20190216-1021:"220": { "node": "virt016", "type": "qemu", "version": 102 },
pve/.vmlist-20190216-1021:"221": { "node": "virt016", "type": "qemu", "version": 103 },
pve/.vmlist-20190216-1021:"227": { "node": "virt016", "type": "qemu", "version": 110 },
pve/.vmlist-20190216-1021:"228": { "node": "virt016", "type": "qemu", "version": 114 },
pve/.vmlist-20190216-1021:"230": { "node": "virt016", "type": "qemu", "version": 104 },
pve/.vmlist-20190216-1021:"234": { "node": "virt016", "type": "qemu", "version": 101 },
pve/.vmlist-20190216-1021:"244": { "node": "virt016", "type": "qemu", "version": 98 },

Node virt016 does NOT exist anymore. Is there a way to update this .vmlist file? It seems to be read-only :)


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