How to Disable Web GUI Root Login


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Aug 3, 2012
Hi My proxmox server was deployed on the internet and I don't want to expose my root account with Web GUI console to the world for brutal force attack.

I have already disabled SSH root login but cannot find information on how to disable root web login to the proxmox web GUI console.

Thank you in advance.

it is not possible to disable the root on the GUI.

You can use the firewall to block the complete GUI or restrict port 8006 to a static management IP.

Also to improve the security you can use OTP.

Ban2fail is a good security enhancement.
The main "preventing root to logon to WEB interface" idea would be benefical because of security.
2FA not help, becasue some known hacker method exist to pass thru. Mainly root user belongs to PAM which makes extreme huge privilege on the whole system.

Shall we escalate to feature request to get more fine grained WEB access?

This thread is old but that doesn't mean this ability still doesn't exist. I have been disabling the root login for the webgui and ssh since I first started using proxmox. I think it's been a year now?

You have to create an admin group, give that group admin permissions, then create a user, assign the user to the admin group and test login.

I add the user through ssh/console, test user ssh login, then proceed to create the admin group through the webgui. Once the webgui and console logins are working for the new user I disable the root login via console by using the command "sudo passwd -dl root"

Sudo has been setup obviously by this point.
Just remember, you are only disabling the root user login. You don't want to try to delete the root user from the webgui users. That was a hard lesson learned.
Thanks for your attention. That wasn't my purpose keeping chance to reinstate root if necessary.
Lock account and pwd delete more that feasible.
If I remember right there are features in the webUI that only work logged in as root. If you login with another user with admin permissions that isn'T enough. But I don't remember what exactly isn't working then. Maybe someone of the staff can answer this, if this is still a problem with PVE7.
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