How to add vmbr's without rebooting the whole Node?


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Mar 3, 2014
Hi all,

I installed Proxmox v3.1 on 3 physical machines and joined all of them inside a cluster.

Those machines Nic 1 are plugged to a cisco switch with Switchports trunk vlan 10,20,30.

My idea is to create many CTs on this cluster, each CT must be belong to a specific Vlan.
ex: CT101 interface connected to Vlan 10, CT104 interface connected to Vlan 20 ...

(i don't want to create the Vlans on the proxmox itself, i just want the proxmox to read then from the cisco switch trunked port)

I created so far a bridge on node 3 inside the cluster named vmbr10 and assigned eth1.10 as port.

The issue is that in order to activate the vmbr i need to restart the whole Node3 thus shutting down all CTs installed on it.

Please advise if there is a better method to perform that with only requirement to restart the network service on the CT itself.

thx in advance
Can someone please give me a detailed step by step example? with snapshots if possible

Edit your /etc/network/interfaces and create your interface in the desired VLAN:
auto eth1.2
iface eth1.2 inet static

- save and exit
- bring up the interface:
ifup eth1.2

- go to the GUI and create the bridge attached to the previously created interface
- go to CLI and do a "/etc/init.d/pvenetcommit start"
- bring up the bridge:
ifup vmbrXXX

Your done.


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