help selecting nuc for homelab


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Feb 23, 2020

Before having a purpose build one id like to play and learn with a cheaper alternative. Currently looking at:

1. DC53427HYE with 16GB and single 1TB Evo 860 (zfs raid0)
2. NUC7i5DNHE with 32GB and 256GB ssd (zfs raid0) for proxmox & miscellaneous and 1TB 660p or 1TB 970 evo for VMs (zfs raid0)

it will be running a mix of containers and vms:
24/7: openproject, wekan, prometheus, nagios, pihole, motioneye, unifi controller, octoprint, ups controller, openvpn

as needed -for local use only:
different kinds of databases (Oracle, MS, PostgreSQL, My,Mongo,Maria,Redis)
hadoop, spark, cassandra, kubernetes, pxe, ansible, fog, pfsense

Considering only 1 gigaethernet port on both im wondering if 2. is overkill? There also a lack of cores on 2 considering it has more ram and better storage.
zfs raid0 a good idea?

For the moment i need the small footprint of a nuc and vpro. It will stay as a corner stone of a 3 node cluster

thx for the feedback


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Apr 8, 2013
In most cases NUC is not cost effective. There are better alternatives at better (sometimes much better) prices. Take a look at Gigabye BRIX. If you are willing to look at used items then search EBay for HP ProDesk 800 mini G2 or G4. The HPs are very compact and support both m.2 NVMe and 2.5” SATA.


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