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    Hey all. I'd like to figure out a way to (at the very least) manually migrate containers from 1.9 to 2.0 beta. Is there anybody working on an automated way of doing this? If not, and assuming that you have at least two machines to do migrations on, is the following pretty close?

    1. Migrate all containers from VE1 to VE2.
    2. Shut down VE1.
    3. Reinstall with 2.0 beta.
    4. Create a container on new VE1 using the same template with the $CTID of one you want to move back. Don't start it.
    5. rm -rf VE1:/var/lib/vz/{root,private}/$CTID
    6. rsync -av VE2:/var/lib/vz/root/$CTID VE1:/var/lib/vz/root/
    7. rsync -av VE2:/var/lib/vz/private/$CTID VE1:/var/lib/vz/root/
    8. See if it starts up.
    What, if anything, am I missing here? I'm making the assumption that I configure networking identical on new VE1 versus old VE1. I'm also assuming that the layout of containers hasn't changed, is that a valid assumption?

    Comments? Suggestions? Snide remarks?
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    Only the location of the config files has changed from /etc/vz/conf to /etc/pve/openvz/ (now on the cluster file system).
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