Encoding problem in "Action Objects"

Discussion in 'Mail Gateway: Installation and configuration' started by wlp7s0, Jun 7, 2018.

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    Good day everybody!
    I'm very glad I discovered Proxmox mail GW for myself! Great work!

    I found a problem.. Not sure that it can be considered as a bug though..

    I am managing Proxmox for some users that don't know English language. I want to notify users about new massage that was placed in spam quarantine. But I can't create an Action Object that contains Russian characters in body or in subject. I see this error:

    "Wide character in subroutine entry at /usr/share/perl5/PMG/RuleDB/Notify.pm line 135. (500)"

    I'm not a programmer, just a system administrator, but I opened this file and added

    use utf8;
    use Encoding;

    and modified database quarries to look something like this:


    And that did the trick! I can save Russian characters in web interface and when I open it for a modification I see gibberish ^_^. But this is not a real problem!

    Email that is send from Proxmox to user contains only "Content-Type: text/plain" header. I tried to add additional rule to modify this header, but it seems that emails that are send from PROXMOX itself don't pass the rules and the header remains the same. And that's why, some email clients does not show text in Russian language and show unreadable characters (thinderbird, k9-mail) but some show normal readable text (claws-mail). But the subject is shown correctly in Russian in all email clients I tested.

    Can someone suggest?
    Thank you!

    Proxmox mail GW version: 5.0-61
    OS: Proxmox ISO (latest)
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