Containers not available to different subnets.


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Jan 2, 2018
We have been running PX 3.x for a bunch of years now, considering it's age now looking into the latest Proxmox 5 release to move to.
Our network situation is that we have two office buildings that each have their own subnet and all the users, and all the hardware server wise (including px) is in a datacenter in it's own subnet. Our ISP interconnects all this.

Any LXC containers I create (Centos 7) are reachable from the datacenter subnet they reside in (and the outside if i forward in the firewalls accordingly), but not from the two offices. At least, not reliably. Sometimes when I reboot the proxmox server it works for a bit but then at some point stops working.
I can fix this by adding static routes in the container which points all traffic from the subnets of the offices directly to the ISP box that has the routes (bypassing our own gateway that normally does the routing) but this feels unconventional.
The proxmox machine itself is aware of the routes by means if it's standard configuration (using our own gateway, not the isp box) and can be reached from the offices, I would think the containers should thusly also be aware?
I'm probably missing something obvious but I've so far been unable to figure this out. Any push in the right direction is greatly appreciated.

Edit: May be important to point out, I've turn off any firewall option I could find on the PX host.
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