Confused on Mounting from Host to VM


Jul 8, 2016
I'm a total noob here, and I have been struggling to figure this out for a while and it's starting to really frustrate me and keep me from progressing. I am able to mount a shared folder on my network through fstab, but how in the world do I mount a drive with say a 1GB worth of space from my host to my VM? I know it's got to be possible without using a shared folder. Could someone please help me? I'm working on Linux but just am stuck here big time.

Mounting is a difficult concept for me when it comes to Proxmox because of the host to a VM part. I would appreciate any help.


We have no shared Volumes.
You have to use a network share as you wrote.
Maybe we can understand better what you want to achieve. Why do you want to mount something from your host to your guest?
Okay I guess I've changed my mind. I am going to try and mount to fstab in my host and then share that via ext4? That way both Windows and Linux can access it and all that. I'm just having trouble figuring out what drives are alright used by OMV using "lsblk" and "blkid". I want to mount some new drives on my host, share those, and then sync everything to them from OMV, then delete OMV. Is that really difficult? I just can't seem to figure out the UUID and all that so I'm confused :/.

Edit: This is what I have:

This is what I'm getting when I lsblk in my host:

root@chrispychris:~# lsblk
sda 8:0 0 931.5G 0 disk
├─sda1 8:1 0 1007K 0 part
├─sda2 8:2 0 127M 0 part
└─sda3 8:3 0 931.4G 0 part
├─pve-root 252:0 0 96G 0 lvm /
├─pve-swap 252:1 0 19G 0 lvm [SWAP]
└─pve-data 252:2 0 800.4G 0 lvm /var/lib/vz
sdb 8:16 0 232.9G 0 disk
└─sdb1 8:17 0 232.9G 0 part /mnt/SSD
sdc 8:32 0 2.7T 0 disk
sdd 8:48 0 2.7T 0 disk

sdc and sdd are both my OMV, which I would like to migrate away from. Am I able to mount sda3 with the 800 GB and share that out so I can start interacting with some VMs and my Windows computer?
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Okay, I was told that since sda3 is a LVM setup, I would have to reinstall Proxmox and use much less for the templates and stuff. Is there a way I can do this without reinstalling Proxmox? I had help doing it the first time and that was a while ago, I'm not sure I'm experienced enough to just redo it myself. Is there any way I can get out of this pickle?
LVM can be changed on the fly. That's the beauty of it :-D

Just google for tutorials for Debian with a live iso.

Awesome, so someone else told me this last night. Will I need to shut down all Proxmox services to free up anything that may be using this area:
sda 8:0 0 931.5G 0 disk
├─sda1 8:1 0 1007K 0 part
├─sda2 8:2 0 127M 0 part
└─sda3 8:3 0 931.4G 0 part
├─pve-root 252:0 0 96G 0 lvm /
├─pve-swap 252:1 0 19G 0 lvm [SWAP]
└─pve-data 252:2 0 800.4G 0 lvm /var/lib/vz

or can I just reduce it by 650GB and make it sda4? I'm only using like 8GB of sda3.
You cannot do this online (only expand is supported online, shrinking always offline), just boot a live linux and resize the filesystem and then the volume. Then create a new volume. Abandon the idea about sda4, that involves much more reconfiguration. You have to reconfigure the whole LVM, move extends, resize partitions, etc.
Bear with me, I'm really new to this :/. Here is what I'm thinking then:

Okay, so I will shut down Proxmox and turn off my entire server. Then I will boot from an Ubuntu ISO via USB, then not install it, but run a live version or whatever it says there. Then within that Ubuntu do I have access to every drive on my machine? Even the ones in OMV? In my Proxmox host I cannot see the drives attached to the OpenMediaVault VM, but I'm guessing in this live boot I will be able to see? I don't plan on doing anything with them, but I'm just curious about the level I'm going to be able to access from this.
By filesystem you mean the entire sda or the sda3?
Then vgcreate a new volume group for say "Downloads".
Then I will create three logical volumes: "Music", "Movies", and "Torrents", while possibly leaving some unallocated space to move around when I need it.
Save those changes and then boot back Proxmox and I am good to go?

Am I missing anything? Sorry for the repeated questions!
I don't know anything about OMV and how things are stored there, but in Linux you can open mostly everything.

I'd say, only shrink your pve/data filesystem and then the underlying volume. Afterwards, you'll have free space in your volume group pve, which you can display with the command vgs. That's all that has to be done in the Live Linux (It can be done on Proxmox VE as well, yet I think it's easier for you to do it in a live envrionment, where all Proxmox VE services are disabled). After booting into Proxmox VE again, you can create new volumes and create new filesystems on top of that.

May I ask why you have such a strange disk setup? Normally, one would have more similar disks and build a RAID out of it.
Cool, I've found an article on the mdadm, so when I get up and running again I will check that out.

Okay, I shrank it, but now I cannot mount it again and when I rebooted Proxmox I can't hit the web interface or anything. Seems like I broke something pretty good, but I'm not sure if I should just reinstall Proxmox completely or if there is a way to get the mount to come back. Here are a couple pictures I took while I was home last night trying to work on it. I'm hoping I can not do a complete install again and actually save this somehow.

Any input on this?


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