Ceph Single Node?


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Jul 2, 2010
Would I be crazy to run Ceph on a single node? configured for OSD level redundancy (instead of host level).

Was thinking of using Ceph as I can change the resiliency settings, or replace disks with larger ones and re-balance easier than if it was just a static ZFS. (This is assuming I can put the raid controller into HBA mode in the first place but it looks like it might be possible, controller is a p420i)

This is a semi-production node in the sense it will be running VM's I use, but it's just a personal box so if it did fall over it's not world ending
Well, if you want to get some experience with Ceph, why not. But a lot of the things you would experience in a decently sized cluster cannot be replicated on a single node.

You also have quite a bit more overhead than using some local storage as you need a MON and a MGR plus all the OSD services that take up resources.
I have a Ceph cluster on extremely under powered USFF nodes at home to learn/experience ceph (Actually pleasantly surprised with how that's performing).

Do you know what the overhead will be.

System has 64GB ram at the moment, it may end up with more once it gets here and I see what the memory configuration is. (It's an ebay special)
Well, a few hundred MB to a few GB per service plus the CPU resource they will consume.
I have 3 node AMD a8-7800 with 16gb ram, and they are great for learning purposes, so i would recommend that you get whatever you can to get to 3 nodes


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