ARM Hardware

hi guys,

i use proxmox on x86 hardware and i love it, thank you for your great work!
i'm very interested in a arm64 image for the RaspberryPi4 (8GB), too! I know it's not for a business use case with a Pi but maybe a first step to the ARM-architecture and servers.

I followed the ARM-threads since one year but you can't notice me :D

so here is my +1 for the arm support! ;)
I have a Pi4 8gb, but i think it is still underpowered for Proxmox, it could be better you use OMV with docker and/or LXC
I think now it would be possible to run a VM with pihole, another one with android, and a few other ones with a some arm based distribution for a more efficient usage of the Pi.
I came searching for answers after consistently being directed to ESXI/vmare when looking for instructions to install proxmox on a raspberry pi 4b 8g. I have been trying to overcome PAM issues due to a premature move too openssl not understanding i could lose therafter significant use of my only working computer for now 5 years. i need a robust policy, ssh, and manageable linux infrastructure to simply be able to organize, use a calendar, pay bills. Experimentation now in proxmox with its inherent powers of LXC containerized virtualization layered with applications like docker, vagrant is crucial to my ability to hopefully construct a viable, manageable, scaleable, cost-effective solution.

Is proxmox an immediate solution for pi 4? If not, I would have to risk buying a computer now before constructing a hardened, monitored home network system. Suggestions, guidance? I have tried and failed just setting up linux desktop and basic server patform until recently. Now I must get my permissions, PKI SSH issues worked out to actually use my only working client machine and pi server. PAM now gets in the way of kernel services prohibiting use of LXC/LXD.

I must say I would be hard pressed to simply dismiss any possibility this thread was divinely conspired and sincerely hope I can find a path to stabilize my home network and my life. I have been working around the clock months at a time now for almost a year to development linux/unix open source alternatives to windows, google etc and just today discovered promox, a self-host and/or cloud virtualization platform that leverages LXC, KVM kernel architecture.

Having been at times without computers in recent years, I am literally digging myself out of living dungeon due to lost from cyber crimes and now retired without support from the workplace, Thus my realization of cyber vulnerabilities has come with the price of personal and community loss and distress. Having served honorably my country with distinction, it’s hard being stuck, imprisoned from community while our national security ever weakens from too little focus and investment in the cyber health of us all.
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I don't know if this was already posted in the forum but on reddit a user was able to install proxmox in a Raspberry Pi 4 and get some VM's running:

Gonna try it myself.

Hope some oficial support will come next :)
From this post I have found there is already GitHub project which seem to be building and providing binary packages from source. Interesing :)


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