Any chance to slash "local" storage?


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Apr 25, 2018
Originally proxmox started with local storage.

Now that I have my space1 storage (MD-Device) finally set up and running, I would like to get rid of local as it is only in the way.

I removed any traces of it from /etc/pve/storage.cfg, grepped in /etc for any mentions, and it is mentioned in /etc/pve/.rrd - a readonly file and pretty resilient:

chmod: changing permissions of '.rrd': Operation not permitted

So how do I get rid of local?
You should manage your storage and VMs/CTs by using the PVE tools like `pvesm remove storage` in order to have a consistent system.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I did try

> pvesm list local

(no errors, no output)


> pvesm remove local

(no errors, no output)

but local storage is still sitting there looking at me.
Hmm yes you are right, seems we treat local a bit special since it is the default
pvesm set local --disable 1

did the cosmetic trick. Thank you.

Maybe to explain the rationale behind me trying to "remove local":

I'm using Proxmox on the Gigabyte MA10-ST0 Mainboard. A very nice 16-core 31W TDP mITX thingie.
It has quite a lot of stuff soldered to it, among others a 32GB eMMC on board for the OS.

Now with a price tag of ~ $900 the mainboard might have some durable eMMC, but I still wanted to take some strain off it
- especially as it has 16 SATA ports, so plenty of other mass storage to keep the VMs.

I actually do not care calling the primary storage space "local", I just would have needed the possibility to move it from /var/xxxx to somewhere else without resorting so some ugly hacks such as symlinks from /var/xxx to other mass storage.


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