Adding multiple IPs to one NIC


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Apr 3, 2020
Hi there, it is possible to add multiple public IP address to the host server in only 1 NIC card. The purpose is to assign those IPs to VMs in future.


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Jul 28, 2015
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Tomas Kucera

Jun 13, 2018
Hi there,

I had gone through a lot of articles and forums and google searches but could not find answer / get working the following scenario. The picture shows what I would like to achieve:

- I have a server in DC and have /28 IP range where x.x.x.1 is the gateway - the server has (at the moment) just one physical NIC connected (eno1)

- I would like to build a single PVE node (for now), where the default public IP will be x.x.x.5 and the private IP

- I want that all VMs are accessible via private network within the Node and thus should have their own private IPs from the range and using their public IPs (when applicable)

- then I would like to have several VMs in different "configurations / scenarios"

- scenario #1 - the VMs do not have their own public IPs (VM1 and VM2) and the traffic is routed to them using nginx as reverse proxy

- scenario #2 - the VM does not have its own public IP (VM3) and the traffic is routed to it using iptables (port forwarding)

- scenario #3 - the VM has its own public IP (VM4) and can be accessed from outside using this public IP but still being "bridged" via the single NIC (eno1)

Can someone, please, give a hand on the /etc/network/interfaces content on the PVE Node for each individual scenario and also the VMs network settings?

Thanks all in advance!


EDIT: I actually had the same question 3 years ago ( but then it was not real issue but still remains unresolved. Now I am getting back to it as I am building a new Node with more public IPs that I would like to use.


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May 14, 2019
As a follow up to this question, I would like to place my PVE management, VM data and ceph public and cluster networks on a single 10G NIC, I will keep the PVE cluster network on its own physical NIC.
Hi, while adding multiple IPs is possible it probably won't help you here, as the VMs need to use the IPs, not the Proxmox VE host.
A better option for you could be a routed configuration, see the docs:
Scroll down to "Routed Configuration"


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