Adding MCE alerts to proxmox emails


Feb 19, 2020
I am running proxmox 7.3.3. and I get SMART emails if something is going on with a HDD that needs attention out of the box. that's great.

But I also would like to be alterted of ECC memory and other RAS events.

Please consider a line in the syslog (when viewed from the web gui)
rasdaemon[2819]: <...>-3237029 [000] 0.290782: mce_record: 2023-01-18 12:53:16 +0100 Unified Memory Controller (bank=15), status= dc2040000000011b, Corrected error, no action required., mci=Error_overflow CECC, mca= DRAM ECC error.

I installed rasdaemon my self and is doing it's job great.

I tried installing swatch (swatchdog) to get an email when patterns of interest are found in the logs but that needs access to log files that contain the events one is interested in.

I can't find the syslog file that contains the lines as seen in the web gui syslog.

Now the concrete question is where is the file containing the syslog entries as seen in the web gui?

And a suggestion for the proxmox product as a whole is to add rasdaeon by default for users that do not have motherboards that can pick up on those events by them selfs. (the AMD ryzen / threadripper line boards for example)
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Although not happy with no one trying to chip in.

I can report now that syslog is now again being populated after reinstalling rsyslog

How was proxmox able to show syslog messages via the gui even though the file on disk was abandoned?
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I think I confirmed the proxmox GUI syslog is reading from the journal
I added a line
echo 'hello' | systemd-cat
and it showed up in the GUI syslog.

it was also present in /var/log/syslog but there it did not show like it did in the GUI.
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