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    [SOLVED] Proxmox mail forward issues

    Hello, I want to setup some notifications through scripts utilizing the new Proxmox Notifications, but unfortunately I've been facing two issues. When I send a mail to root like this: mail -s "Test subject" "root@localhost" <<EOF Test mail content EOF I receive an email with the right...
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    Mail Filter Disables Quarantine

    I setup a new Mail Filter Rule to quarantine, however, when I enable the rule, it seems like the quarantine breaks. Everything starts coming through. Not sure how to proceed in diagnosing the issue. The current Spam Level 3 works fine, just not when I flip over to my Spam Level 4.
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    Issue with mailfilters not blocking

    Hi all, I have a mysql server that i host my virtual and transport maps, which i have manually added into the postfix config on my Proxmox Mail Gateway. In these virtual maps, i have email aliases, such as an alias called that sends anything to that email to a few people...
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    PVE Choose email i receive

    Is there a way to choose which notification i receive on Proxmox VE? For example i want to remove all notifications sent when there is some new update but keep the one when a backup fail. It would be nice to have option to choose for each mail sent when i cant to receive it always / on failure /...
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    [SOLVED] Maximum amount of who-objects?

    I was wondering if there is a maximum amount of who-objects PMG can handle? The reason for asking is that I would like to redirect most of the TLD's to the quarantine for assessment. I have a rule that looks like this: Found RULE 15 (prio: 80, in, active): Graylist FOUND FROM GROUP 29...
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    How does "Mail Filter->Who Objects" work?

    Hi. I've added some.domain to Blacklist at Mail Filter->Who Objects but incoming mails from this domain are still being accepted by Proxmox. Is there anything else I need to configure to reject all incoming mails from blacklisted domain?
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    Filterblock mit NDR "Recipient Unknown"

    Hallo Community, ich nutze derzeit eine Regel "BlockUnbekannt" im Mailfilter, die alle Adressen, die nicht aus dem LDAP herauskommen, blocken soll (in Verbindung mit "before queue filtering"). Grundsätzlich funktioniert dies auch, jedoch hätte ich gerne bei diesem speziellen Fall dass der...
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    [SOLVED] Restrict trusted nodes to domain

    Hello is it possible to restrict outgoing mail from a mail server to one or more domains? Ex: May send mails as and May send mails as receives all mails and blocks mails from other domains from...
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    SPF rule

    Guys, good afternoon! All right? I would like to use the PROXMOX email gateway as AntiSpam for a Microsoft Exchange server, however I would like to create some rules that I am applying and it is not working. For example: In "Mail Proxy" "Options" I deactivated the option "Use SPF" because I...
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    [SOLVED] Initialer Spam Score für bestimmte Domains

    Hello again, ich bin momentan auf der Suche nach der Möglichkeit eingehende Mails von bestimmten Domains mit einem initialen SpamScore zu versehen. Vor Proxmox konnte man dies direkt über die Amavis Configs einbauen. Ich gehe davon aus, dass jetzt mit den Regeln und insbesondere mit "Modify...
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    Block email body content

    In the section of "What objects", I'm able to add Match fields according to subject and from, I'm able to block those types of content, but my doubt is, how can I block the content of an email, according to the body, what is the value that I need to put in the field value to do that
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    Remove all attachments sends two text files

    When I activate a mail filter rule with the Action object "remove all attachments", it sends two .txt files attached to the mail which should contain the filename of the removed files. The first text file "REMOVED_ATTACHMENT_2.txt" contains the my text replacement but no filename. The second...
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    How to "AND"...

    Hello community, I'm new to proxmox and my experience with mail traffic flow/manipulation on CLI Level is somewhat limited, so please be gentle ;-) We set up a PMG (licensed) for centralized, managed Spam protection for a few of our customers and after a few weeks I ran into some issues, one...


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