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  1. Proxmox 5.4 USB install - no cdrom found, 5.3 working OK

    I confirm the same issue. Trying on UFEI and Legacy without success. Server is new Lenovo SR590. Of course 5.3 works fine.
  2. Network hangs on load

    I tryed, this nothing change. I think about passthrough nic into vm but this is not solution.
  3. Network hangs on load

    I tryed differend kernel versions on guest and Linux bridge insted of OVS. Unfortunatally nothing helps. Can I use another virtual nic to achive transfers more than 1 Gbps? May be this is problem only virtio driver?
  4. Network hangs on load

    Ok, here is interfaces config: auto lo iface lo inet loopback allow-vmbr0 ens2f0 iface ens2f0 inet manual ovs_type OVSPort ovs_bridge vmbr0 iface ens9f0 inet manual iface ens9f1 inet manual iface ens9f2 inet manual iface ens9f3 inet manual allow-vmbr1 ens2f1 iface ens2f1 inet...
  5. Network hangs on load

    I have cluster with three servers with Ceph storage. All nic's are Intel x710 10G. On Ceph network everything is ok, but on nic to the Internet I have issue. When traffic load is about 1.5-2 Gbps per node network hangs. I must disconect and connect again vm virtual nic. This solve problem...
  6. VE 4.0 Kernel Panic on HP Proliant servers

    I have the same problem with HP DL320e Gen8 v2. If you blacklist watchdog module server not panic but reset immediatelly. In iLO log you will probably find NMI exception with end of error code 2B. This issue exists when your server runs out of memory and have much I/O load at the same time. If...
  7. Server crash until high I/O on KVM PVE3.4/4

    I added 4GB RAM and VMs running 8 days without crash. :)
  8. Server crash until high I/O on KVM PVE3.4/4

    If this is only RAM amount issue I can upgrade. RAM is cheap. This is server for backup and our third DNS. I don't need performance but energy save. I will try limit ZFS memory. Hope this help.
  9. Server crash until high I/O on KVM PVE3.4/4

    Memtest passed without errors. I generated high I/O on host without any problems. I guess hardware is ok.
  10. Server crash until high I/O on KVM PVE3.4/4

    Server is crashing after 5-15 minutes when VM use much I/O for example on quota check. Logs are empty. Server config: - i3-4130T - 4 GB RAM - 2x SSD Intel 320 40GB for OS and 4x WD Green for storage (two ZFS pools) Both storages are Directory type. proxmox-ve: 4.0-16 (running kernel...


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