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  1. HE_Cole

    How to Block VM to CEPH Network? PVE 5.4-5

    Hello Everyone! I feel dumb here but i just cant make this DENY rule work. I have a 10 Node cluster. vmbr0 is my WAN vmbr1 and vmbr2 are my ceph bond/lacp 2x 10Gbit SFP per node. My vmbr0 is a entire /24 Public Ip range no NAT vmbr0 is the only interface assigned to each vm in the cluster...
  2. HE_Cole

    PVE 5.4-3 CEPH High RAM Usage?

    Hi Everyone! I have a small 3 node PVE cluster all running 5.4-3. My RAM usage is has been growing on my Hosts but i have not added any new data or VM's to the cluster. Each node has 8x 2TB Drives and 2x 120GB SSDs WAL/DB and OS 64GB RAM per Host. Most of the Usage is cpeh-osd at 6% "PER...
  3. HE_Cole

    How to Apply Promox Patch?

    Hi everyone! I want to apply this patch but i am not sure how. Patch: and the code use list_images to check for existence of cloudinit disk instead of '-e'. this should solve the problem with rbd where the path returned by...
  4. HE_Cole

    PVE Online Migration Fails After Update to PVE 5.4-3

    Hello Everyone! My PVE cluster has been running great for many months but i just got around to updating the all the pve nodes to the latest version of PVE 5.4-3 now. I started live migrating all my VM's to another node and that worked great. I then set node-out on the the first node and i...
  5. HE_Cole

    [SOLVED] Cluster loses quorum when activating Firewall

    Hello Everyone. Sorry i have had a lot of questions on here lately and i really do appreciate the help. I finally gott my PVE firewall to enable and its working but once i enable the firewall all nodes lose quorum but from the pve GUI i can still access all nodes in the cluster and ceph and...
  6. HE_Cole

    [SOLVED] Cluster Firewall Not Applying

    Hey Everyone! I am sure this is something simple i missed but i setup all my firewall rules at the data center level in PVE and yet none of them are applied. First off. The firewall is enabled in Datacenter - Firewall Options. the firewall is enabled on each Node. I only set rules at the...
  7. HE_Cole

    PVE not taking/processing Update VM Command

    Hello Everyone ! I got a good one here. I have a GUI site my users to create VM and we use the promox API to send the commands to promox. I been testing our new GUI and i created 10 exact VM's for testing from our GUI and out of the 10 only 3 where set right. Many where missing SSH keys and...
  8. HE_Cole

    [SOLVED] NoVNC stoped working cluster wide

    Hey again So new issue. Out of know here NoVNC stoped working on every host and for vm's. I was doing nothing and i changed nothing and vnc just wont work any more. I tryed 3 different browers too. It fails with this error in log, () timed out waiting for client TASK ERROR: command...
  9. HE_Cole

    [SOLVED] How to install newer version of Cloud-init?

    Hey everyone! I been making templates for my promox enviorment and i am stuck on some certain distros. I am a network enginner not a systems engineer so alot of this is kinda new to me. I have these distros working with cloud-init just fine. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS - Cloud-init OK! Ubuntu 18.04 LTS...
  10. HE_Cole

    [SOLVED] Possible Bug with VNConsole with Template Clones

    Hey Everyone Again! So i have been working to create a bunch of templates for my people to use when they create a VM in my pve cluster. I seam to have ran into a weird issue though. I follow the normal steps to create a VM and i convert it to a template using the GUI. The templates disks are...
  11. HE_Cole

    How to rename disk images in local-lvm?

    Hello Everyone! I need to be able to rename disk images stored in local-lvm. We have a gui site that uses the Promox API and when our users go to create a VM and select an OS template all they see is vm-9000-disk-0,vm-9001-disk-0 etc. Currently each of the...
  12. HE_Cole

    VM/CT Creation Issue When a OSD is "down"

    Hello Everyone! I recently created and setup a Promox and Ceph cluster on my 5 servers and i am very happy with it so far. I went to create my first CT and i was getting a error AND I checked my my OSD's and i noticed one was showing up as a partion not a osd.28 etc for some reason in the...
  13. HE_Cole

    OVS Bond and Bridge for Ceph Network Setup

    Hello Everyone! I am deploying a small promox environment across 5 servers and need some advice on the server side networking in promox. My servers have 2x 10GBits ports and 4x 1Gbit ethernet Ports Now with the two 10Gbit ports i have i want to bond them using LACP, And add them to a bridge...
  14. HE_Cole

    Promox VE & HA Storage Recommendation

    Hello Everyone ! I'm new here and to Promox VE, I am getting ready to deploy a rather large HA cluster and i need some guidance on the correct route for storage given the information provided below. I plan on purchasing a Promox VE subscription once all my equipment arrives and i go to deploy...


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