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  1. 6uellerbpanda

    nfs mounts using wrong source ip/interface

    since upgrade to pve 6.1 (it was working fine with 6.0) we've the problem that nfs mounts are using random source ip/interfaces and not the one in the same vlan. our current config looks like this: pve-manager/6.1-7/13e58d5e (running kernel: 5.0.21-5-pve) # /etc/pve/storage.cfg nfs...
  2. 6uellerbpanda

    [SOLVED] api endpoint rrddata is the same for lxc and qemu

    I just noticed that when I use following api path (also no error or data null) qemu/121/rrddata?timeframe=hour&cf=AVERAGE and lxc/121/rrddata?timeframe=hour&cf=AVERAGE it shows the same data vmid 121 is a lxc container although but this seems only true for 'rrddata' that both qemu and lxc...
  3. 6uellerbpanda

    monitoring plugin - check_pve

    Introducing a Naemon/Icinga/Nagios plugin for Proxmox Virtual Environment Version: 0.1 Following checks are available: Cluster status SMART status of disks Available updates Dead/Stopped services Storage/Datastore usage CPU, Memory, IO Wait usage For updates, readme, etc... see -...
  4. 6uellerbpanda

    [SOLVED] API subscription status key

    what value does the key 'status' gets when the subscription key is outdated/not valid/etc.. (over the due date) from /api2/json/nodes/{node}/subscription ? i guess it's somewhere at
  5. 6uellerbpanda

    [SOLVED] API token lifetime

    I'm not able to find information about how long the token/ticket requested by api2/json/access/ticket is valid ?
  6. 6uellerbpanda

    [SOLVED] trunk with vlan interfaces - vm has no network

    I've 2 phy interfaces - eth0 which is connected to a cisco cat configured as trunk - eth1 wich is a access port on the same switch for corosync communication # /etc/network/interfaces auto lo iface lo inet loopback # COROSYNC auto eth1 iface eth1 inet static address netmask...
  7. 6uellerbpanda

    [SOLVED] cisco ucs c rack server compatibility

    according to wiki entry 4.x uses the ubuntu lts kernel which is supported at the hcl of cisco for ucs 220m4 server. can I assume that proxmox uses the "base" kernel with some additional divers,settings,etc.. but not less ? maybe somebody can share their...


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