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  1. [SOLVED] Need some help uninstalling proxmox-ve

    I am fooling around on a test server and was simply trying out proxmox-ve and installing it with zfs on root. I now would like to remove proxmox-ve and keep doing some tests with zfs so I tried the following: apt-get remove proxmox-ve which asked me to do a touch '/please-remove-proxmox-ve'...
  2. [SOLVED] Can't access a Win10 KVM - help please

    Running a Proxmox Virtual Environment 5.4-13 and have a Win10 Enterprise KVM I can't access. Due to some stupid circumstance, it only has a local IP so is not reachable via internet. I connect to it via browser using the VNC console built into Proxmox, I can see the screen but clicking around...
  3. [SOLVED] Restore of LXC failed with error code 2

    Running Proxmox 5.3-12 with latest backups. Trying to restore a backup I made a few minutes ago. Here is the log of the restore: extracting archive '/mnt/pve/local-nfs/dump/vzdump-lxc-108-2019_04_10-22_01_01.tar.lzo' tar: ./var/spool/postfix/dev/random: Cannot mknod: Operation not permitted...
  4. [SOLVED] Slight memory problems with qemu-guest agent on Win10

    I recently found a newer version as I was running an agent from 2015, have a look: So after replacing the one from 2015 with the one from 2018 my memory consumption as reported within the guest (Win10) jumped straight to 10GB out of 12GB. After deisntalling and installing...
  5. [SOLVED] NFS storage shows offline but I can mount it manually

    I added a NFS share that my server provider offers as backup space, via the proxmox GUI, and it worked. A few days later it shows in proxmox as offline, with error 500. If I access this proxmox server via ssh and execute: mount -t nfs...
  6. [SOLVED] Can't get pvenode acme to work

    Brand new isntall of Proxmox, latest 5.x as of right now. Followed this guide: and everything worked as detailed in that guide except when accessing my proxmox GUI via https://mysub.deomain.tld:8006 my browser still shows the old fake...
  7. [SOLVED] Noob question about Proxmox and ZFS

    Hi there, I have used Proxmox before and I have used ZFs before but never in combination. I have read all the Proxmox Wiki pages about ZFS on Linus and storages and am even more confused now. I have installed Proxmox 5.2-9 via a Soyoustart template(64bit and ZFS) - I ended up having ZFS as my...
  8. Proxmox or VMWare, would like to get some more arguments

    I am looking to setup a new project at work; single server hosted in the cloud, a few HDs, nothing too complicated. I personally have experience with Proxmox but also work with VMWare daily at work. We do have enough spare licenses for VMWare so that price isn't an immediate argument. I have...
  9. pure-ftpd problems running inside a LXC

    I get this error: pure-ftpd[17481]: (?@?) [ERROR] Unable to switch capabilities googling pointed me towards a few threads suggesting it won't work with a non-stock kernel. Looking into the Proxmox forums I found this old thread dealing with the same problem but OPENVZ and not LXC. Not sure how...
  10. How to protect ProxMox with a virtual virewall?

    I'm looking to run a virtual FW appliance on ProxMox and would like it to protect all incoming traffic - for the hypervisor and all guests but am not sure how the networking part has to look like. I have attached a drawing of the current situation. Any hints on how to achieve this are very...
  11. Weird new structure in my cgroups

    I recently noticed these "ns" folders, any idea what that is about? /sys/fs/cgroup/memory /sys/fs/cgroup/memory/lxc /sys/fs/cgroup/memory/lxc/100 /sys/fs/cgroup/memory/lxc/100/ns /sys/fs/cgroup/memory/lxc/102 /sys/fs/cgroup/memory/lxc/102/ns /sys/fs/cgroup/memory/lxc/104...
  12. Looks like Proxmox simply rebooted last night!?

    Its been the second time this week that I notice that my proxmox server simply rebooted. it seems to have happened at midnight but filtering across all logs +/- 10 minutes hasn't revealed anything. Any pointers what and where to specifically look for?
  13. Thoughts on replacing a low-budget HW Raid with ZFS?

    I've got a budget server with a Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 CPU and 2x2TB HDs 7200RPM with a HW Raid controller (devices are mirrored) and I think 512MB cache on the RAID controller. The server has 32GB RAM Performance is good and the server is mostly idle and has plenty of resources. I have about 5...
  14. Can't seem to be able to limit ZFS RAM usage (ARC)

    Freshly installed Proxmox 4.2 with a 2 HD mirror using ZFS for root I'm following this instruction: edited: /etc/modprobe.d/zfs.conf inserted: options zfs zfs_arc_max=8589934592 ran: update-initramfs -u rebooted
  15. pve-zsync vs others like znapsend or sanoid

    Does anyone use any of these 3 tools to store snapshots remotely? Happy? To me it feels like pve-zsync is the newest with the least features but then its developed by the Proxmox team so yeah, just looking for what other people are using.
  16. [SOLVED] How to reset Proxmox to start fresh without re-installing?

    I'm testing a move to a new Proxmox server and have messed up moving old config files around. Is there a way to "reset" Proxmox into a state as if it was a fresh install? I'd rather avoid the lengthy process of reinstalling.
  17. [SOLVED] How to download Proxmox 4.2 on the command line?

    Sorry for the dumb question but I need a direct link or some other way to download the ISO via command line.
  18. Proxmox reports different CPU usage then the KVM?

    Proxmox shows this: While my guest shows this: Sorry about the links but I can't seem to get this forum to recognize them as images :-(
  19. [SOLVED] Problems starting LXC

    Some of my LXC won't properly autostart. What happens is that they appear to be started and yet when I pct enter ID and do a pstree all I see is this: root@alfred:~# pstree init───init───rc───startpar───networking───ifup───dhclient root@alfred:~# uptime 11:41:37 up 9 min, 0 users, load...
  20. Can someone clarify how pricing 4 subscription works?

    Proxmox says my server has: Does this now count as 8 CPUs so would I pay 8 x € 5,41/month (per CPU) for a community subscription?


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