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  1. Unable to mount thin-provisioned LVM volume?

    Thanks for the info. The partitions on these Proxmox hosts have been through at least three, maybe four, upgrades so far. We've always used the PVE installer (even for upgrades) so the partitions have always been defined by the installer. I'm not sure how 'data' got into /etc/fstab but it's...
  2. Unable to mount thin-provisioned LVM volume?

    Hi, I have six Proxmox hypervisors (various licenses) running 5.4 which I began upgrading this week (to 6.2-4). I'm on the second machine today and running into the same problem that I had on my first upgrade. There is an LVM volume defined from the 5.4 Proxmox install which is tagged with...
  3. systemd can't start sshd after 5.x -> 6.x upgrade

    Thanks for the reply. I think the ssh issue was due to being booted in "Emergency Mode" (single user mode?) and I'll bet you're right about dbus being disabled too. I started commenting things out of /etc/fstab and suddenly it booted normally. my /dev/pve/data partition seemed to be the problem...
  4. pmxcfs segfault at reboot after proxmox 6.x upgrade

    In case it helps anyone else.. I managed to get this thing rebooted via "Magic SysRq". Had to add +Alt+PrintScreen+b to an entry in the Blackbox Keyboard Control dialog and touched it off. worked great.
  5. pmxcfs segfault at reboot after proxmox 6.x upgrade

    I've upgraded a remote proxmox host from 5.4 to 6.x using the instructions here and ran into a problem after issuing a reboot at the (remote KVM Blackbox) console. It looks like pmxcfs crashed during reboot. The machine has been sitting here for nearly 30 minutes. Any way to unstick it?
  6. systemd can't start sshd after 5.x -> 6.x upgrade

    Hi, Anyone know how to fix this? I can start sshd by hand using /usr/sbin/sshd -DDD and no errors are present. At boot however, systemd is having problems and I can't login. journalctl -xb says this: pam_systemd(sshd:session): Failed to connect to system bus: No such file or directory
  7. When does 'nextduedate' change when running pvesubscription

    I have a Nagios handler which notifies me when a host's Proxmox subscription has 30 days, or less, left on it's license (so renewals don't sneak up on us). It's 2020-02-04 and the nextdudate field hasn't changed on my proxmox hosts. The license is active, so I presume it's been "auto renewed"...
  8. Why do some of my Proxmox hosts occasionally fail to reboot?

    follow up: Ran across this on I'm going to try it next time: echo 1 > /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq echo b > /proc/sysrq-trigger If anyone else runs across this, this probably doesn't sync filesystems so take heed.
  9. Why do some of my Proxmox hosts occasionally fail to reboot?

    All the VMs were down and the iSCSI storage unmounted/logged-out (iSCSI entries missing from /proc/mounts). I looked in syslog and dmesg and there wasn't any indication of a problem. I have had NFS mounts (long time ago, we don't run NFS) block reboots before but usually the terminal will hang...
  10. Why do some of my Proxmox hosts occasionally fail to reboot?

    Thanks! Is this functionally different that qm shutdown VMID? Regarding the failing reboot command however, All VMs are already in the stopped state when the reboot fails.
  11. Why do some of my Proxmox hosts occasionally fail to reboot?

    I first noticed this issue with Proxmox 5.4 and suspect it has everything to do with Systemd integration, and very little with Proxmox itself, but it bites me in the backside every so often so would like to bring it up and see if there's something I should be doing differently or a fix for it...
  12. libssl1.0.2 update trying to rebuild initrd and failing

    Nevermind. Ansible playbook removed an underscore from "GRUB_TIMEOUT" in /etc/default/grub config
  13. libssl1.0.2 update trying to rebuild initrd and failing

    Hi, I've tried applying the latest libssl1.0.2 update on several of my Proxmox 5.4 hosts and this is failing with "/usr/sbin/grub-mkconfig: 7: /etc/default/grub: GRUB: not found" Any thoughts? Sample output is below. Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state...
  14. Any way to restore the "old" UI for the VNC console?

    The little fly-out tab on the left (in the VNC console) obscures content when in a shell session. I've also found it a bit cumbersome to work with and doesn't really add any utility to the vnc session over the old UI using the toolbar at the top of the screen that I can tell. Making it modal...
  15. "noVNC encountered an error" after updating

    Just an update. Working remotely again this morning with same problem (using Palemoon browser) Have ABPrime plugin installed. Disabled it, but after a restart it the problem was the same. Switched to Firefox and it's fine so definitely something with the browser/plugin.
  16. "noVNC encountered an error" after updating

    Thanks. I'm on-site this week and no issues, so must have been related to the remote browser session as you suggest.
  17. "noVNC encountered an error" after updating

    Applied the recent round of patches last night and rebooted them. This morning when I try to get into a VM through the VNC console, I get "noVNC encountered and error" and the display never comes up. I'm using Firefox over an ssh tunnel to connect. Have tried CTRL+F5 as suggested to clear...
  18. Why is /dev full on my LXC container?

    Was 72% full again today. I think it's a configuration in syslog-ng which writes to the file /dev/tty10 removed the file and disabled the config. Must be leftover from an upgrade or something. # pwd /etc/syslog-ng # grep tty10 * grep: conf.d: Is a directory grep: patterndb.d: Is a directory...
  19. What do I need to do to disable IPv6?

    As I understand it, and I may be completely confused, but as I followed IPv6 adoption over the past decade I saw this: * It sounded great at first but carriers took too long to adopt it. Killed the momentum. * The added complexity of the addressing scheme is a big WTF scaring people away from it...
  20. Weird kernel dumps ?

    Ok thank you. Any idea where to find logs on Proxmox server that might explain what happened to make the VM crash? Also, the storage server backing the VMs does not seem to be heavily utilized except for one 60% utilization spike - but maybe that would do it..( ...


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