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  1. [SOLVED] Network /IP Pre-requisites to move from single server to HA environment

    No. But you should really start a test lab to ensure you understand how it works instead of testing in the production server!
  2. How do I assign VLANs?

    O prazer é todo meu ! (Your are welcome)
  3. How to correctly configure my host server

    You are starting virtualisation without understandind it. You can allocate 20 cores to all the VMs with a server which has 20 physical cores. Of course, the problem will be the load : if all VMs are using 100% CPU, you'll get only single core performance. TLDR : you can buy a server with at...
  4. How do I assign VLANs?

    For anyone reading here in the future, I've found that with a VLAN setup in the switches that already tags one default VLAN and allows some more others, you must not tag again in the VM if it uses the default VLAN. (default VLAN does not mean VLAN 1 here)
  5. Failed to migrate disk (Device /dev/dm-xx not initialized in udev database even after waiting 10000

    I had the same problem after removing/adding several times a disk from one VM. Thanks inetshell this command solved the problem so it would be good to mark this thread as SOLVED.
  6. 2 nics, how to double migration speed

    Thanks for both two answers. Using the hash policy "1 or layer3+4" allows to double the speed of 2 migrations to 2 different hosts run. That's better. And as LnxBil said, I can't expect more in LACP bond. Is there a bonding mode that allows double speed in a single copy?
  7. 2 nics, how to double migration speed

    Yes the storage is good enough, it goes above 500MB/s. The network is configured like the documentation indicates, with the (802.3ad)(LACP) option. What is hard to find is if linux kernel is really using both links of a bond. Here is what I can read in /sys ...
  8. I did a mess! Please help

    Of course, just boot a Linux Live USB (I use Mageia for that, but any other will work). Then mount the lvms, save everything. You will then be able to recover the VMs in the newly installed Proxmox. If this is production data, I'd say don't shutdown the current system, so that it will continue...
  9. 2 nics, how to double migration speed

    hi, I have configured a cluster, each node with two GB nics in LACP with a linux bond. All seems working in each node : cat /sys/class/net/bond0/speed -> 2000 In the H3C 5500 switches I also can see 2Gb teaming is up. Still, VM migration only uses the first nic, up till 120MB/s. If I unplug...


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