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  1. Enlarge KVM based linux guest

    I have proxmox 1.9 and running 4 VMs(iso -linux server 11.10). I want to enlarge one VM, since it is out of storage now. my images are qcow2 format. VMhost1:~# vgdisplay --- Volume group --- VG Name pve System ID Format lvm2 Metadata Areas...
  2. cant kill vzdump precess

    Sorry I do not know where to look for NFS server logs. But I checked the syslog and there is no information. In my case the PVE server do not have enough memory to run snapshot backup. So It hang the web GUI. A good idea in this case is to stop the VM you want to backup and take backup in stop...
  3. cant kill vzdump precess

    only restart help this issue. After restart I was able to use lvremove and remove the logical volume. then restart the NFS share and restart the pvedaemon on the other pve node. also unlock the VM which was being backing up. Now everything works fine. Now I am confused about how to take backup...
  4. cant kill vzdump precess

    about rebooting , is there any command to do that. I have tried reboot on my proxmox node and it doesn't work. I do not have access to the physical hardware.
  5. cant kill vzdump precess

    I ran backup in shapshot mode and it hang proxmox 1.9 gui now. I use NFS share storage. So i tried to kill vzdump process. But one process I couldnot kill. The web GUI is still hanging. ps -ef|grep vzdump root 324654 1 87 Mar08 ? 3-06:41:37 /usr/lib/qemu-server/vmtar...
  6. Backup problem in stop mode

    In VM I use ubuntu server 11.10 . Should I install acpid ? Is it possible to go to VNC of the VM and put the command shutdown ?
  7. Backup problem in stop mode

    I have set backup in stop mode. But it got failed. any solutions??? I have also check the file /etc/qemu-server/103.conf . the VM is not locked. I have found that I can not shutdown my VM from web GUI.
  8. /etc/sudoers broken

    Succeed to Fix the prob!!!!!! Go to VNC and click Alt+Ctrl+Del resides in the upper right corner of the VNC. Then press del from the keyboard to capture the GRUB menu. Now you can start the VM as single user mode(check online how to start in single user mode). change the root password with...
  9. Proxmox backup freezed after power interruption

    ya the backup is stopped. I have just read one of your thread and found that it is a NFS storage problem and my case is same. how to bring the NFS storage online again?? I think i have to do it in my host1 ,where i have created the storage??
  10. Proxmox backup freezed after power interruption

    I am using proxmox 1.9 and tried to backup the kvm servers. But after power interruption the web gui is showing busy and unccessable. I have two clusters and the web gui is in host2 but the backup storage is in host1. how to stop backup in host1.
  11. please give a solution of my problem...

    please give a solution of my problem.
  12. /etc/sudoers broken

    Thank you for quick reply. I am using KVM and the directory of my vm is /var/lib/vz/images/108/vm-108-disk-1.qcow2 . I am new to proxmox. How can I boot from live cd. should I put it in physical hardware and from Web GUI select first boot device cdrom and reset the vm server I want to recover...
  13. /etc/sudoers broken

    I am using proxmox ve 1.9 and one of my virtual machines I have modified the /etc/sudoers file. Now I cannot have root access to the VM because it shows error in sudoers.How can I get root access in that VM? Is there any way of start the vm in single user mode?
  14. I am using proxmox and one of my virtual machines I have modified the /etc/sudoers file. Now I...

    I am using proxmox and one of my virtual machines I have modified the /etc/sudoers file. Now I cannot have root access to the VM because it shows error in sudoers.How can I solve this problem?


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