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  1. Cosmetic Wish list / improvements

    I must also admit that I just can't get my brain to work with current KVM icons. A black screen is much stronger associated to a stopped machine than to a running one. Attached are my proposals for replacement icons. Of course colors are eventually a matter of taste but I think that the UI user...
  2. Error: No Accelerator found! (500)

    KVM hardware virtualization toggle is actually on the Options tab of a VM.
  3. Maximum number of CPUs

    Proxmox installation went eventually fine, but I ended up into an unsupported configuration in the PVE point of view. (PVE 1.8 on top of Debian Squeeze) System seems to run stable with 2.6.32-6-pve kernel. # cat /etc/debian_version 6.0.2 # pveversion -v pve-manager: 1.8-23...
  4. Roadmap for Proxmox VE 2.0

    That's awesome! I was planning to write some management scripts to be run over ssh but it sounds like it's still worth waiting.
  5. Roadmap for Proxmox VE 2.0

    Hi, Carefully inquiring about the upcoming 2.0 release: Will the REST API be available in the first beta already? If yes, is it expected to have services for basic VM lifecycle management eg. create/start/stop/destroy?
  6. QEMU base images

    Ok, thanks. Creating base + delta images via CLI is not a problem.
  7. QEMU base images

    QEMU/KVM supports "base imaging" with qcow2 disk images. Have there been any intentions to integrate the feature to PVE? - Mikael
  8. Maximum number of CPUs

    I hope the story to be a success one, but yes, I'll let you know. I've scheduled the installation to somewhere in the middle of the next month. Being able to do that with a brand new 2.0 version would be a really pleasant surprise :-)
  9. Maximum number of CPUs

    After some deeper investigation I think I found the answer: # cat /boot/config-2.6.32-4-pve | grep CONFIG_NR_CPUS CONFIG_NR_CPUS=512 I'm planning to install Proxmox on a 48 core monster, but the limit of 512 is more than enough :)
  10. Maximum number of CPUs

    Hi all, What is the maximum number of CPUs supported by current stable PVE 1.8 kernel(s)? AFAIK stock kernels of Debian Lenny are configured to support only 32 CPUs. - Mikael
  11. Web UI: restart vs reset

    Hi, There is a small but a bit annoying inconsistency in the red-arrow-down menu in VM listing. With KVM machines the first item "Restart" actually functions like a reset button. Would it be possible to alter that to do a graceful restart instead ie. acpi shutdown+power on? Or switch the name...
  12. Kernel 2.6.32, OpenVZ + Java

    Hello, Yes, --swappages is in 2.6.32. But unfortunately it seems to have no effect on how java behaves. Correct, mem+swap set in PVE GUI are summed up into ubc privvmpages (mem without swap set in lockedpages) Have you actually managed to restrict java memory consumption with swappages? My...
  13. Kernel 2.6.32, OpenVZ + Java

    Hi, Java has been a hot topic among OpenVZ users for years but here we go again. Has new Proxmox 2.6.32 kernel introduced yet any improvements running Java apps? I did some tests on a OpenVZ container with 1024MB ram (+ swap 0): java-test:~# free -m total used free...
  14. ext3 I/O error

    Have you tried these deb packages: ? I installed dellomsa 5.5 without problems but that was over a year ago. I remember that version 6 packages had some problems then but things may have changed since..
  15. Open vSwitch

    Looks very promising, especially the flow control part. Interested to hear about your experiments..
  16. Feature Request - Bandwidth Monitoring and Graphing per VZ or IP on web interface

    Actually those were the services I was looking for. I only got a link to a ftp server for sources, but connections get time outs constantly. SVN & bug tracker are developer only? I found no references to those anywhere. That part is unfortunately true too.
  17. Feature Request - Bandwidth Monitoring and Graphing per VZ or IP on web interface

    Back to the original question, sure: and of course snmp+nagios, zabbix, just name it..
  18. Feature Request - Bandwidth Monitoring and Graphing per VZ or IP on web interface

    Maybe a bit off topic, but have you guys at Proxmox had any thoughts of opening up the PVE project more? It seems that this forum is very active and maybe there would be some resources out there which could be helpful and contribute the project. Of course that would require some administrative...
  19. Decent Dell RAID card for 4x300GB disks in a Dell r410

    Hi, Here some pveperf tests against data partition From PERC5/i, 4x146GB SAS15k RAID10 CPU BOGOMIPS: 31937.36 REGEX/SECOND: 440510 HD SIZE: 256.90 GB (/dev/mapper/pve-data) BUFFERED READS: 183.88 MB/sec AVERAGE SEEK TIME: 6.47 ms FSYNCS/SECOND: 1594.57 From PERC5/i...


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