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  1. we use no switch connect 3 node server install error.

    hi, support we use this connect later install pve 6.2 happen this error. have give me guide ? tks
  2. about proxmox kvm clone question?

    hi, support. we have a question. have wihs support Multiple clone ? tks
  3. about vm summary Notes api question.

    Hi we plan use api write vm describle into notes. so no found api. please give me guide. tks
  4. about vm bandwith big trouble

    我们发现bandwith配置有问题 您会看到我们配置了70MB / S的速率限制。 但是在我的防火墙中显示的是 。
  5. sorry again ask qemu agent trouble.

    Hi . we many times try use agent config ip address eg centos7 or windows 2016 if we use scripts config ip address, how to send scripts into vm inside? because we use php running pve api running this scripts config ip. tks give me guide. and we panel is PHP language developing. so...
  6. share a restore traouble way.

    eg () restore vma archive: lzop -d -c /var/lib/vz/dump/vzdump-qemu-129-2020_07_29-17_17_14.vma.lzo | vma extract -v -r /var/tmp/vzdumptmp4448.fifo - /var/tmp/vzdumptmp4448 CFG: size: 490 name: qemu-server.conf DEV: dev_id=1 size: 42949672960 devname: drive-scsi0 CTIME: Wed Jul 29 17:17:14 2020...
  7. move template from pve a TO pve b

    hi , we make a test. from pve b vm Template backup later use sftp move to pve a /var/liv/vz/xxxx later we pve a running qmrestore /var/lib/vz/dump/vzdump-qemu-100-2020_07_29-15_52_21.vma.zst 100 -storage local-lvm or qmrestore...
  8. this notice is ok?

    hi , support. we plan use demo running pv cluster 5.4 upgrade 6.1. so we server install pve ok reboot notice this. so local-lvm is no use
  9. have wish use api creat nat vm?

    hi, support. we have try use nat network onlie style . let server just only 1ip share all vm together use. so we see more eg need vi iptables let ip forward work. eg > > > ...
  10. about web gui reset and reboot

    Hi, we found no same version no function. eg1 : in promox ve5.4 no support reboot .support reset eg2 : in promox ve6.1 support reboot and reset trouble is on ve5.4 we use api send reboot no supprt . i no understand reboot and reset is same function or no same? issues: becvause...
  11. about promox vm windows cloud-init question

    Hi we make windows cloud-init template have a teouble. we see other guide install cloud-init have com port myself promox vm windows is this no serial port.
  12. about network traffic flow

    Hi, we have a question. how to Statistics every vm netout all flow? please give me guide. tks
  13. how to limit net- net-out bandwith ?

    hi we check forexample you see Libvirt limit demo is <bandwidth> <inbound average='100' peak='50' burst='1024'/> <outbound average='100' peak='50' burst='1024'/> </bandwidth> so promox kvm how to config in or out bandwith? please give me guide. tks
  14. [SOLVED] how to clear vm Task History log

    hi we no found how to clear vm Task History log. . issue: we make vm convert to template have all Task log. no safe. we want clear.
  15. about cluster cloud-init in migrate error

    2020-05-27 12:28:32 copying disk images 2020-05-27 12:28:32 starting VM 116 on remote node 'pve21' 2020-05-27 12:28:33 error with cfs lock 'storage-ceph-vm': rbd create vm-116-cloudinit' error: rbd: create error: (17) File exists 2020-05-27 12:28:33 ERROR: online migrate failure - command...
  16. about use agent config ip address all faile

    Hi, we serach all history no found use agent config vm ip addredd. we use cloud-init config ip is ok. but i no want use cloud-init. issue cluster running HA have remove trouble. so have people give me guide? tks
  17. Agent guest trouble

    root@pvehk:~# qm guest exec 108 / bin / ping Wide character in die at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/ line 860. Agent error: Guest agent command failed, error was 'Failed to execute child process “/” (Permission denied)' root@pvehk:~# qm guest exec 108 /bin/ping Wide...
  18. about vm use ip trouble,.

    hi, we have a ip use safe trouble in public network. trouble is we wish let every vm use Limited unique IP access internet. forexample: vm1 we distribute network ip is , if him config no access network. tks
  19. about pve vm import and export

    Hi. we have a trouble need help. tks. we plan from pve cluster A export kvm template . layer import cluster B. so have easy guide ? tks
  20. about kvm reinstall system trouble

    Hi, we have a reinstall system use api trouble. forexample , we running a kvm on promox. have 2disk disk-0 is system disk-1 is date. now if we want kvm change system and we want keep disk-1. so please give me guide. tks. if use api complete. very tks.


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