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  1. Error pve-cluster[main] crit: Unable to get local IP address

    i was writing FUD - removed it. In the end, the debian installer created a FQDN entry in hostname with a vagrant domain, while the chef hostname recipe created one with <LANIP> real FQDN, the point is, since the hostname was the same in both cases, but not the FQDN, pve-cluster picks...
  2. HP Microserver Gen8 pci-passthrough NIC

    Ich versuche auf einem HP Gen8 (Xeon E3-1225) mit VTd aktiviert, natürlich auch mit vi /etc/default/grub GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet intel_iommu=on" cat /etc/modules vfio vfio_iommu_type1 vfio_pci vfio_virqfd lspci -nn | grep Eth 03:00.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Broadcom...
  3. Proxmox with OPNsense as Router/GW

    C) will be gone ( shorewall ) when PCIpassthrough is done - since it will obv make 0 sense as you mention
  4. Proxmox with OPNsense as Router/GW

    b) yes, thought / focussing on this already, so virtual IP in opnsense + 1:1 nat, right o n that c) not dnsmasq, but - so source natting Currently working on PCI nic passthrough to ease things up / having a better performance. If that fails i...
  5. Proxmox with OPNsense as Router/GW

    There are a lot of ressources online, old legacy, handling performance issues, partial multi-NIC setups and all this, but nothing is comprehensive, rather a lot of unfinished ones. I try to not repeat the whole story i posted here...
  6. Anyway to support interfaces.d/*

    Thank you Fabian, so yet no "build in" way i guess, right
  7. Hetzner with Router VM

    Hallo Flavio - hast du das mittlerweile hinbekommen? - ich habe hier was ganz ähnliches aufgebaut komme aber auch nicht so recht weiter
  8. Anyway to support interfaces.d/*

    I am using chef to configure my host network and bridges, but as to due best practices it happens to interfaces.d/eth0 .. interfaces.d/vmbr0 and so on, while /e/n/interfaces is just an include like source /etc/network/interfaces.d/* doing that leads to issues with proxmox, which will not offer...
  9. KVM Snapshot backup failed ( stuck )

    We solved the problem using mount-parameters (fstab) ,cache=none,forcedirectio,rsize=32768,wsize=32768,llock,rw,vers=3,prot=tcp,hard Best
  10. KVM Snapshot backup failed ( stuck )

    Well thats a pitty, i cant change to NFS but i could try to backup localy - if the error does not occur, it must be SMB - maybe some mount options ( locking) are responsible for this? Thanks for the reply
  11. KVM Snapshot backup failed ( stuck )

    How is that a solution to the problem :) ? SMB is supposed to work and i cannot use NFS, since it is not available from my storage hoster.
  12. KVM Snapshot backup failed ( stuck )

    Hello, We have tried vzdump backups today using scheduled backups and the whole process stucked tonight. 2 of 2 proxmox nodes just did not finish their first backup (of the first VM to backup ) and stopped in between (rather stucked there, no progress )- those 2 VMs remained locked and not...
  13. Meaning of /etc/pve/cluster.conf and /etc/cluster/cluster.conf for cluster-setups

    Well, for me, the case here was to clear out exactly that and not having one person ( me ) checking the source code, then maybe understand it partially, soliving his problems and then go on. Iam pretty sure we should need to update docs / faq on this, as this is not trivial as you told. And...
  14. Meaning of /etc/pve/cluster.conf and /etc/cluster/cluster.conf for cluster-setups

    Thank you tom. I already peaked at that topic, but i cant find any informations regarding /etc/cluster .. there is a explaination of /etc/pve. The main function of /etc/pve as a cluster-fs is clear to me. But iam really not sure what it is about /etc/cluster/cluster.conf and especially what...
  15. Meaning of /etc/pve/cluster.conf and /etc/cluster/cluster.conf for cluster-setups

    Thank you :) you mean just right after: - no multicast - changed ssh ports (only 22 allowed) - no pw-auth on sshd during pvecm add - using ssh-aliases instead of pw-auth for adding a node - lost connection with keys after creating a cluster ( due recreated authorized_keys) - stucked...
  16. Meaning of /etc/pve/cluster.conf and /etc/cluster/cluster.conf for cluster-setups

    a really good question is: What is the real determinitation of /etc/pve/cluster.conf and /etc/cluster/cluster.conf this question very much affects wheter proxmox sees the nodes online, how it syncs the configs ( e.g. config version not matching ) and how to get a degraded cluster up and working...


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