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  1. [SOLVED] PVE-Container segfault

    I'm attach logs too. Maybe any body know how fix this error?
  2. [SOLVED] PVE-Container segfault

    I have same problem: -- The unit pve-container@119.service has entered the 'failed' state with result 'exit-code'. Jan 31 22:09:57 systemd[1]: Failed to start PVE LXC Container: 119. -- Subject: A start job for unit pve-container@119.service has failed -- Defined-By: systemd...
  3. use pve-manager from git

    Thankyou, but this not help me In Developer_Documentation i see only how i can clone git, and prepare patch to upload on to git Nothing about compile assets or use dev version (uncompilled js) in pve-manager In Makefile i can't see how compile assets
  4. use pve-manager from git

    Because on local machine i have one big js file /pve2/ext6/ext-all.js Open PVE and press ctrl+U - and you see only two include: <script type="text/javascript" src="/pve2/ext6/ext-all.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="/pve2/ext6/charts.js"></script> Where i can find...
  5. use pve-manager from git

    No, i want make some modification to pve-manager. I search right way to develop and view result (testing on browser) Maybe any knows how i can do this: (browser-client) --> nginx --> pve-manager (source from git) --> real server with Proxmox installed
  6. use pve-manager from git

    Hello I want test pve-manager last version from git. So i git clone git:// and i see in "www" directory: - index.html.tpl - manager6 directory (where js\css files) How i can use this for deploy for testing in my browser? On my server i use nginx, and i have...
  7. Any plans to add docker support?

    Hi people! Proxmox now suport LXC and KVM, but maybe developers have any plans to add docker support? Thankyou!
  8. IP Pool in Proxmox3

    Tom, excuse me, i have another question about proxmox3 api. Please, read my thread
  9. Proxmox 3 API changed?

    For itegrated proxmox3 with biling panel, use pvesh is bad variant :( I see, that "modulesgarden" module support Proxmox3 Maybe any body can see how realized it on this module?
  10. IP Pool in Proxmox3

    This future is released in proxmox3? How i can automatically set IP address for new CT or KVM?
  11. Proxmox 3 API changed?

    Hi Tell me please, what updates in API Proxmox 3? API with 2 version proxmox works fine, but proxmox 3 have some changes in API? :confused: Thanks


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