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  1. hostusb problem

    Re: [SOLVED] hostusb problem i have also the problem with proxmox 3.0 installation .. is this also recommending for proxmox 3.0 ?
  2. [SOLVED] How to Remove a Proxmox Node

    Re: Remove a Proxmox Node hey :) additional to the question of hotwired: after removing the node of the cluster, can i add a new node with the ip address of the removed node? will there be any problems? i want to remove an old server from the cluster and replace this with a new server with...
  3. Migrate Hyper-V Machine to Proxmox KVM

    ok i solved the problem ... it was the mergeide.reg .. it seems also work with windows2008r2
  4. Migrate Hyper-V Machine to Proxmox KVM

    ok sorry, its always windows 2008r2 ... the backup and restore function from windows does not work.. there is an wrong parameter error, i already checked all the recommendations for this error message with no success.... i try in this moment the mergeide.reg, even if it seems senseless ...
  5. Migrate Hyper-V Machine to Proxmox KVM

    okay i have to add some information ... the windows 2008 hyper-v machine comes originally from a physical machine with an LSI raid controller in a raid5 setting ... if i start the machine in hyper-v, he seems to select the right ide driver ... but this does not work in kvm, windows dont take...
  6. Migrate Hyper-V Machine to Proxmox KVM

    my windows 2008 server function as a domain controller... i dont tested a fresh installation of windows 2008 in vhd format (converted to qcow2), should i test it also? could my proxmox 3.0 cluster be the problem?
  7. Migrate Hyper-V Machine to Proxmox KVM

    hello community :) i have a windows 2008 r2 server running on hyper-v 2008 and want to migrate the server to kvm ... i used the following commands for this: qemu-img convert -f vpc -O qcow2 /mnt/windows2008.VHD /var/lib/vz/images/107/vm-107-disk-1.qcow2 or qemu-img convert -O qcow2...
  8. Restore of a VM backup fails

    i can only save raw images to lvm storage because of block device? i thought qcow2 should also work, but actually dont work because of a bug in proxmox ve 2.3 ... do i understand something wrong? greetings
  9. Backup restore on LVM FROM QCOW2

    is there a fix for this problem for proxmox ve 2.3? should i make an update/upgrade? when not, will be coming an update for ve 2.3? i dont want to upgrade to ve 3.0 at this time :)
  10. Backup restore on LVM FROM QCOW2

    hey guys :) so this error message "failed: unsupported format 'qcow2' is a bug in proxmox ve 2.3 or does qcow2 on lvm volumes generally not work? do this work in proxmox 3.0 rc2? greetings tobi
  11. N> Information about Proxmox with KVM

    how many developers are currently working on proxmox?
  12. N> Information about Proxmox with KVM

    Hey everybody :) i am making an overview of all the big hypervisors, including kvm, and need some information. so can anyone answer my questions regarding the usage of proxmox with kvm? to the host system: how many logical cores can use the host? how many physical memory? what are the maximum...
  13. naming vzdump backup

    hey guys, i created a backup with vzdump and because of the misleading naming i wanted to give the backup manually a new name ... so i went to /var/lib/vz/dump and edited the backup to the desired name .. the problem is now: after renaming the backup file, now it disappears in the backup...
  14. Moving a Local VM to an iSCSI Storage Device

    Hey :) at first, proxmox is a great product .. i use it in my small to medium sized company and its doing a good job... now to my question: could you explain me in deeper details why it is not possible to restore a raw image to an iscsi raw formatted target? i do it also with a lvm group...


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