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  1. Environment bundle

    Hello!, I would like to be able to package a bundle of VMs with their configuration (including networks) so I can share labs with coworkers. Is there any similar construction to vApps in VMware (which in turn are heavily based on OVF files)? The idea would be to easily replicate environments...
  2. proxmox 6.2 sdn beta test

    Thanks for the suggestion, will check in depth once I get home. Could the current config the source of the duplicated packages?. Will be out some weeks and don't want to kill my remote access if the changes fail somehow
  3. proxmox 6.2 sdn beta test

    Hello!, bigiron is in little distant from the switch. I use additional ports in that node to connect other clients as a cascaded switch. Those physical ports are connected to a PDU and a UPS for monitoring purposes. Those ports are in access, while they need to participate in the management...
  4. proxmox 6.2 sdn beta test

    Attaching files...
  5. proxmox 6.2 sdn beta test

    Well, a pseudo UUID would work also ;). my suggestion would be just to autogenerate the ID, I don't see a use case to define the pattern by the user. I'm just thinking about how to make it less possible to clash ("XX VNI is already used" or "VNET ID already used"). ID shouldn't be used as...
  6. proxmox 6.2 sdn beta test

    Given IDs are global, wouldn't make more sense to generate automatically an UUID for the VNET?, "inviting" the user to populate Alias parameter with what makes sense descriptively to the user?. Also, given VNIs are global, should de interface autogenerate one as proposal?, and the user would be...
  7. proxmox 6.2 sdn beta test

    I've tried this between two test nodes (not part of a cluster) and VXLAN, the traffic seems to pass through, but ping tests reports duplicated answers: Any hints?
  8. proxmox 6.2 sdn beta test

    Thanks @spirit for you work on the "Software Defined Network" module. On the current proposed plugin I would suggest: - At least for the VXLAN part, autogenerating internal IDs for the zones and networks, and adding a "friendly" name only visible to the tenant/user that has access to them...
  9. VXLAN Multitenant

    Any update on this topic?
  10. "Cloud" like delegation

    I don't think that's a good thing. Client might start whining about "overloaded hosts" or some other ghosts
  11. "Cloud" like delegation

    Hi!, anybody managed to achieve some kind of administrative delegation where a user can manage a subset of resources, access VM console and start/stop some the same VM ?. I've been looking around but the usual tools (ovirt, openqrm, cloudstack, opennebula, etc) don't seem to integrate with Proxmox.
  12. Proxmox VE 3.4 released!

    Can ZFS be used in shared block device scenarios (cluster sharing a LUN)?
  13. Install on SAN LUN

    Anyone can comment if there's an option to install PVE on a multipath device ?
  14. Install on SAN LUN

    Hi!, is there any special option to use boot from SAN with PVE3?. I tried to install it on a LUN and it worked, but multipath was not used by the installer, only one path was chosen as boot disk.
  15. vlan creation failed!

    Hi!, sorry for the delay. I had to split the bond and used vmbr0 and vmbr1 associated to each bond in order to go live. I posted the final configuration after making the changes, sorry about that. Currently I can't test that configuration again. It works but won't be able to use all the...
  16. vlan creation failed!

    yup, I chose to name the management interface as br0, and the VM traffic bridge vmbr0
  17. vlan creation failed!

    For the time being, had to split the bond and separate management traffic on a access mode port. The traffic works if I don't mix management with VMs bridge+trunking. This is the VM configuration:
  18. vlan creation failed!

    Error: Configuration: Version:
  19. vlan creation failed!

    Hi, I'm running PVE 3.0 and the VLAN creation fails at VM boot complaining that it already exists. I check before it's start and it doesn't exists, but after failed start the vlan is there!, so it seems to try to create it two times, anybody has seen this? eth0 \ eth1 -- bond0 -- vmbr0 eth2...


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