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  1. How to: Periodic backup of folders on a PVE server.

    Thanks, I somehow missed that in the documentation when using the search function searching for "password" odd.
  2. How to: Periodic backup of folders on a PVE server.

    I have a fileserver which house several ZFS datasets that I would like to backup periodically. I run this command on the fileserver (pve01) to do the backup manually, but it asks me for password each time. How do I implement the password into the command line so I can do a cron-job...
  3. What exactly does the migrator think it is doing?

    No, they are two different hosts. There was only 2 disk files in the /vm/images/110 dir. pve02 did not contain the disks physically. They do not share storage. I suspect I misconfigured a datastore to be avail from both hosts.
  4. Zpool atime turned off effect on Garbage Collection

    Well, it depends on your configuration. If your PBS datastore is in a ZFS dataset then you need only to turn ATIME on on the dataset zfs set atime=on POOLNAME/BACKUPDATASET If you use the entire pool as PBS datastore, then you need to enable it on the pool. zfs set atime=on POOLNAME
  5. How fast is your backup datastore? Benchmark tool

    Real world date, not benchmarking RAM. It is terribly slow. INFO: 0% (208.1 MiB of 1000.0 GiB) in 3s, read: 69.4 MiB/s, write: 33.4 MiB/s INFO: 1% (10.0 GiB of 1000.0 GiB) in 5m 18s, read: 31.9 MiB/s, write: 31.3 MiB/s
  6. How fast is your backup datastore? Benchmark tool

    You are benchmarking your RAM. Think about it, which HDD do you know that can write more than (average) 120Mb/second? Mirroring does not make that twice as fast..
  7. What exactly does the migrator think it is doing?

    I stopped the creation of disk "2". Created a new vm on the target vm and mounted the disks it already had copied. Mission complete. No reason to wait for another 6 hours while it does illogical stuff..
  8. Over provision ZFS SLOG?

    PS: One of the best solutions for ZIL is one of these, or two:
  9. Over provision ZFS SLOG?

    A slog device usually does not need to be much bigger than 10-20GB as they only need to hold few seconds of data before they are written to the underlying storage devices disks or ssd. The problem is that the ZIL afaik does not support TRIM apt-get install nvme-cli nvme<TAB> You will find a...
  10. Over provision ZFS SLOG?

    Are you certain your NVMe is designed to the heavy rewrites happening on the SLOG device? If you are using consumer grade hardware the lifetime of your SSD will be around 1-4 weeks depending.. You would probably also want to mirror your SLOG device. It is no fun to loose the pool due to a...
  11. [SOLVED] Error during update: "pve-manager"

    Yes, it worked with dist-upgrade
  12. What exactly does the migrator think it is doing?

    It takes half a day to copy Disk0. Then it copies the EFI disk which is fine. Then it realizes it has already create Disk0 and decides to create disk2 and format it again.... Why? There is no disk2on the host... There was Disk0 1TB and Disk1 an EFI disk... Task viewer: VM 110 - Migrate...
  13. [SOLVED] Error during update: "pve-manager"

    They are all default options indeed apart from hostname, email etc. localhost.localdomain localhost pvetest.winwinsol.local pvetest # The following lines are desirable for IPv6 capable hosts ::1 ip6-localhost ip6-loopback fe00::0 ip6-localnet ff00::0 ip6-mcastprefix...
  14. [SOLVED] Error during update: "pve-manager"

    In Denmark 30 minuttes are fast :) reproduction steps: Download ISO Install Proxmox 6.2-1 Add proxmox non-sub apt source apt-get update apt-get upgrade
  15. [SOLVED] Error during update: "pve-manager"

    I will create a virtual server and install proxmox from iso again. It will cause the same error message. It has done so on every host I have installed so far. I suspect it is because I have joined the server to a cluster prior to the update. I will try not to join the server to a cluster and...
  16. [SOLVED] Error during update: "pve-manager"

    I rebooted the system already, I am not sure it is still in the output :/ However, I attached what is presently output by journalctl -xe
  17. [SOLVED] Error during update: "pve-manager"

    I forgot to note that I had joined the node to a cluster immediately after installation and before the update/upgrade command was issued
  18. [SOLVED] Error during update: "pve-manager"

    .... Setting up pve-ha-manager (3.1-1) ... Job for pve-ha-lrm.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status pve-ha-lrm.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details. Job for pve-ha-crm.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See...
  19. [SOLVED] Error during update: "pve-manager"

    Hi there, Whenever I do a clean install of proxmox 6.2-1 from the downloadable ISO and subsequently run apt-get update/apt-get upgrade I get the following error and was wondering if that is a problem or not. I usually run apt-get dist-upgrade to get to 6.2-11 afterwards Setting up pve-manager...


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