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  1. Q: Node Backup

    I backup my guests regularly, but after my little glitch this week, I was wondering (and I've searched) - is there any way to backup the host/node configuration?
  2. Corosync cluster problems (Help)

    I need some help pretty badly. I was following along with this excellent write-up to create a second network for my corosyncing, and I thought it was going pretty well, but now I have all 4 of my nodes completely isolated somehow. I've attached the old and new corosync.conf files, and I've...
  3. More Fix corosync [TOTEM ] Retransmit List errors

    So, I've read this thread, and the multicast notes and I'm still seeing occasional retransmits. I have a 4 node cluster, all on the same VLAN (and they are the only machines on this VLAN). They all have 10G copper ports onto the sam Ubiquiti USW-XG-16 switch, connected to USG-XG 10G router...
  4. NFS issue - cfs lock?

    So, admittedly, my linux skills are not awesome, but I have been using Proxmox with a FreeNAS storage for awhile now, and I want to use one of my large NFS shares that has been working great for backups for VM images as well as I have one large (NextCloud) VM that I have been using local host...
  5. [SOLVED] 10G ethernet config questions

    I have a couple of nodes (PVE5.2-1) that have 10G cards in them, and the switch indicates they're bonded at 10G speed, but the pve nodes show 1000bps connections. Do I need to install a driver or set a speed on the interface to get it utilize the port properly? Also, once I get the node to...
  6. Random initramfs errors on VM (Ubunut 16.04/PVE5.2-1)

    I am getting periodic VM lockups, and when I reboot I get an initramfs error. I have no idea why this is happening, and I can rollback to the most recent snapshot, but I worry that eventually it's going to bite me.
  7. Drive size increase

    I have read through the wiki (here), but I'm confused still on the right process for my case. I have an Ubuntu 16.04 VM that I have fully configured but it is running out of space. I extened the disk size in the GUI, which now shows the size as 7TB (SCSI sda on the local node) , and I see the...
  8. Adding local storage to GUI

    Hello, I'm a very new Proxmox user, and I have done a fair amount of searching, so please bear with me. My Node3 has 2 internal storage pools, a 1G SSD and a 13TB RAID. The RAID is not showing up in the GUI as storage. I have followed the steps outlined in this nice video...
  9. iSCSI and dual 10GBe setup (Advice Request)

    So, complete Proxmox noob here. I have been reading about Proxmos, iSCSI, mulitpathing, etc. and I'm not clear on the benefits for my case. I'm setting up 2 (for now, I will probably set these up with mirror/redundant pairs) a R620 and R720, both with dual 10G NICs. I'm also configuring a...


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