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  1. two corosync rings?

    Hi, I saw it is possible to setup two different rings in proxmox. What is the advantage to do so? Is the second ring a failover ring if the first ring becomes slow or unavailable?
  2. CephFS trough Proxmox GUI - No VM storage possible?

    Hi, I setup CephFS trough proxmox GUI successfully. Everything looks good but I can't allow disk images on that storage: Isn't it possible to store VMs on CephFS?
  3. How to delete "CephFS"?

    Hi, I am currently playing around with CEPH. Configured it via proxmox gui, added some osds, added a Metadata Server and finally created "CephFS" in the "CephFS" tab: Unter "Storages" (proxmox cluster) I accidently deleted the CephFS storage. When I try to create it...
  4. Move proxmox to another disk

    Hi, we have a Cluster with some nodes. All nodes have a 2TB local disk where proxmox is installed (with its LV). The other space is allocated as ext4 directory storage. I would like to move the OS to a new 60 gb ssd without losing any VPS information. Means the vps stay on their ext4 directory...
  5. Windows KVM freezes - qmp socket - timeout after 599 retries

    Hi, we are facing issues on all KVM VMs (qcow2, VirtIO SCSI, DIR storage (ext4)) for months now. These VMs freeze suddenly. Means we are unable to access by RDP or even by Console (VNC). Syslog shows after crash. Stopping the frozen VM and trying to start them again lead to: There is still a...
  6. node in cluster "red", 100% pmxcfs process

    Hi, we have one node in our cluster what becomes "red" every 1-3 days. Can't open "summary" or "system" then. We see a 100% pmxcfs process and need to restart the whole node to fix the issue temporarily. Syslog: Any ideas?
  7. Some cluster nodes "grey", "System" hangs up (Loading)

    Hi, i have some issues with my cluster. This morning it was totally RIP due to a hardware failure of two nodes. It took some time to get everything sorted. Now, everything is green (27 nodes) except 4 nodes. They are grey. pvecm status looks fine. When I click on "sumary", everything looks...
  8. cluster hangs on /etc/pve figure out what node causes it

    Hi, from time to time our whole cluster wents grey and "df -h" stucks right before /etc/pve. It takes us hours to figure out what node is causing it. Mostly by connecting to every node and stop corosync / pve-cluster there. Is there a way to figure out the hanging node trough a log file?
  9. TASK ERROR: start failed: org.freedesktop.systemd1.UnitExists: Unit scope already exists.

    Hi, we have a big problem with our Proxmox cluster. The cluster consists of 25 nodes with 10-50 servers each (LXC & KVM). It happens 20-30 times a day that KVM servers freeze. The console is then not reachable and the server itself is also not. When we stop the server, Proxmox displays...
  10. VNC: Failed to connect to server from different ndoe

    Hi, we have a cluster of 20 nodes. VNC is working fine on all nodes, except on one. When we try to access the "console" of any VM on that problematical node FROM a different node, we keep getting "Failed to connect to server". But when we open the GUI of the problematical node and try to open...
  11. MariaDB not working on Debian 9 LXC

    Hi, when I try to install MariaDB on a Debian 9 LXC container (template downloaded from proxmox) I keep getting: ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2 "No such file or directory") Check this:
  12. Cloud-init Ubuntu 18.04 - netplan v2

    Hi, I am playing arround with Cloud-Init to setup Ubuntu 18.04 VMs: - Hostname - User password change - disk resize works fine so far, but I do not get a static IP configured. I figured out, Ubuntu is using Netplan v2 and Proxmox does not Support netplan v2, right? Any ideas on how to achieve...
  13. SolusVM (.raw) to Proxmox mgirate (.qcow2)

    Hi, we tried to migrate a SolusVM KVM VPS (Win2016) in raw format to Proxmox qcow2. We used following command to convert the image: When I try to start a KVM VPS in proxmox with this converted qcow2 file, I get "inaccessable boot device" (Windows Bluescreen) after a while trying to load...
  14. KVM server freezes, then refuses to start org.freedesktop.systemd1.UnitExists: Unit 1011790.scope al

    Hi, we are facing issues for some time now, where KVM servers suddenly freeze. We need to stop them trough proxmox and then try to start them again, but it immediately says: any ideas?
  15. does ballooning really reduces mem usage in proxmox?

    Hi, i configured ballooning for our Windows KVM machines and it seems to work: When I sum all KVM machines "Memory usage" I will get something like 40 gb memory usage (18 KVM machines). Furthermore there are 15 LXC container on that node (memory usage something like 6...
  16. Unable to activate "Discard" checkbox (qcow2)

    Hi, I am not able to enable the Discard Feature on my KVM VPS stored on qcow2 images (stored in an ext4 directory): Virtio SCSI is enabled. Any ideas? UPDATE: My storage was VIRTIO Block instead of SCSI, works now.
  17. proxmox kvm windows vps first boot very slow

    Hi, anyone else facing the issue when booting a Windows VPS (KVM) the first time after installation (clone) it takes a long time to after it finishes this step: Next reboot goes very fast. Any ideas what this may cause?
  18. Windows KVM set IP change Admin PW

    Hi, 1. is it possible to configure the network (ip, netmask, gateway) inside a Windows KVM VPS with qm agent? 2. Is there a way to change the Administrator password from outsite the Windows KVM VPS?
  19. LXC container shows host CPU and buggy memory

    Hi, htop on my debian 9 LXC CT shows two cores of the hostserver and its physical CPU usage. Furthermore htop shows 4/2 gb memory usage, free -m shows the true memory usage. AVG load of the hostserver is also shown. Is there a workaround for it to really show the used resources by this LXC CT...
  20. 100% kworker process

    Hi, we are facing issues on all nodes with a 100% kworker process: Kernel: 4.15.18-1-pve #1 Already testes with Kernel 4.15.10 and with Kernel option "drm_kms_helper.poll=0", thes process starts occuring some hours after a node reboot again. Any ideas what can cause...


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