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  1. Debian 10 template

    Yes. Something somewhere is leaking. It's not just with Debian 10. I'm getting this on a Proxmox 5 host that has hardly any load at all with containers that have zero load: Sep 04 05:41:19 pve12a kernel: Memory cgroup out of memory: Kill process 13694 (systemd-journal) score 279 or sacrifice...
  2. cannot restore LXC from LZO and GZ

    Run in to this problem when the LXC container had a snap-shot. Unfortunately backup did not give any error message. Delete snap-shots and try again.
  3. Debian 10 template

    Maybe I'm barking the wrong tree... Maybe the problem was not with Debian 10 template but rather with Webmin that I used to manage Bind.
  4. Debian 10 template

    I'm assuming by "it" you mean MySQL/MariaDB? I know enabling nesting in options will enable MySQL to run. I'm mostly referring to memory and stability issues with the new template.
  5. Debian 10 template

    F.Y.I Same thing with Debian 9 template that I upgraded to Debian 10. Conclusion: It's not the kernel and it's not the layer 1 option used in Debian 10 template until MySQL fix comes along because the Bind server does not have any need for nesting=1 option so I did not use it there? Anyway...
  6. DHCP6 template

    So not really out-of-the-box then. DHCP on IPv4 was easy to implement on WAN but DHCP6 is a real pain.
  7. Debian 10 template

    I'm going to take Debian 9 template and see how it upgrades to 10.
  8. Debian 10 template

    Looks like I have to rebuild those 2 Bind servers with Debian 9 template. 10 is clearly not safe to use with Proxmox 5.
  9. Debian 10 template

    Noticed something else odd about Debian 10 LXC template. It's the only template that somehow leaks text all over when using terminal and especially when using byobu. Here is an example of two "normal" commands that only Debian 10 container mixes up. cat /etc/bind/named.conf.options and... ls...
  10. Debian 10 template

    It's definitely the KVM host. It killed named/Bind again but it's odd because on Proxmox side it shows plenty of memory.
  11. Debian 10 template

    I thought of that and tried it but that hung. Had to kill the screen in byobu. When I tried Management/Console on Proxmox I got the time out error. Timed out after 60 seconds.
  12. Debian 10 template

    Could this be a result of Host level "KSM sharing" on "KVM clients"? That is the only way I can make sense of the KVM client running out of memory without actually showing it on the Graphs.
  13. Debian 10 template

    On the Client side it looks even better. Client view of KVM:
  14. Debian 10 template

    Maybe. But it does not look that way. Host view of KVM:
  15. Debian 10 template

    I'm getting this on the host though: There is an old VM on this host. Maybe it's problems are leaking over?
  16. Debian 10 template

    It's default: root@vh2:~# pct config 143 arch: amd64 cores: 1 cpulimit: 2 hostname: memory: 1024 nameserver: net0...
  17. DHCP6 template

    Does this mean that the Proxmox host automatically hands down the IPv6 address somehow?
  18. VM out of Memory despite no memory used

    Limit ZFS on Linux Memory Usage echo "options zfs zfs_arc_max=1000000000" >> /etc/modprobe.d/zfs.conf echo 1000000000 > /sys/module/zfs/parameters/zfs_arc_max update-initramfs -u 1073741824 is 1 GiB. It is good to use at most 50 percent (which is the default) of the system memory for ZFS ARC to...
  19. Debian 10 template

    There seems to be a problem with the new Debian 10 template. I'm not just talking about it's failure to run MySQL but it also seems to hang easily. Two different Bind9 servers (LXC) on two different (KVM) hosts have now hung after I moved them to run on the new template. They show high CPU usage...
  20. DHCP6 template

    How would you handle it?


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