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  1. Import of snapshots?

    We have sanoid / syncoid running for managing snapshots and replicating them. Is it possible to show the snapshots taken in the snapshots overview from Proxmox?
  2. Server build for small office

    Would a three-way mirror make more sense then RaidZ2 speed wise?
  3. Server build for small office

    Hi I was thinking of building a small server for the office based on the new Ryzen processors (after they fixed the linux issue) Something like this, Ryzen 3900x 64GB ECC Ram Asrock Rack X470D4U Intel 905P drive as cache/slog 3x 10TB WD Red in RAID-Z2 I will be running a few VM's on them of...
  4. ZFS and snapshots

    Looking by the size they indicate at zfs list -t snapshot although I'm not sure if that measurement is correct as the same snapshot has a different size on the other side.
  5. ZFS and snapshots

    Hmm I think I see what is happening. Most if not all snapshots are very small, like 20MB. But then once a day there is a snapshot that is very big +2GB. It is syncing a range of snapshots so everything together is like 4GB. For the VM's even more. Now only to find out why some snapshots are...
  6. ZFS and snapshots

    In my case, I'm going from a RAIDz2 pool to a single remote disk. Different disks. But then still syncing 26MB or several GB, I can't imagine it could be clarified by type of disks.
  7. ZFS and snapshots

    yes I definitely understand what you are saying, although I don't think that is where this huge difference is coming from. You are right though source record size was set to 8k and the destination to 128k, so changed that now. Lets see if it helps ;)
  8. ZFS and snapshots

    I was hoping someone could help me clear something up. When making a ZFS snapshot and sending it offsite the sizes don't really look to be what they should be. What I mean is this, I made a snapshot and the size of the snapshot is 26.4M. When transferring this same snapshot with zfs send /...
  9. ZFS over ISCSI ?

    Although trying to roll back snapshots made by FreeNAS can't be rolled back unless you disconnect the iSCSI target.
  10. What open source solutions are available to use "ZFS over iSCSI with Proxmox"?

    I have Proxmox working quite well with FreeNAS through this plugin. But for some reason I get a terrible performance for a windows VM. Netwerk speeds are ok at 1Gbit (tested both ways) Netwerk speeds are also ok from inside a VM Reading / Writing are also ok, local, from client and within a...
  11. What open source solutions are available to use "ZFS over iSCSI with Proxmox"?

    To answer my own question, add command="zfs get -o value -Hp available,used",no-agent-forwarding,no-port-forwarding,no-pty,no-user-rc,no-X11-forwarding ssh-rsa AAAA In the authorization_keys file before the key (until the ssh-rsa part offcourse)
  12. What open source solutions are available to use "ZFS over iSCSI with Proxmox"?

    with the ZFS over iSCSI you have to copy over the authorized keys file to your NAS. But this would mean the nodes have root access to my NAS machine, which I do not want. What is the command that they need to execute? I would like to limit the access to only that command. (I would like my...
  13. What open source solutions are available to use "ZFS over iSCSI with Proxmox"?

    50% storage in use RaidZ2 6x disks HDD 1x SDD Samsung 860 Pro as ZIL Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU 5130 @ 2.00GHz (4 cores) Memory: 32 GiB CPU Utilization around 4% on average Something very strange, I had a SMB service with a test share running. I stopped the SMB service and suddenly the...
  14. What open source solutions are available to use "ZFS over iSCSI with Proxmox"?

    I'm trying this patch of GrandWazoo and it works as a charm, in that it can create VM's and migrate etc etc. Everything works. BUT...... The performance crawls, Windows speed is unbearable and in Linux I get a write performence of about 15MB/s. While on NFS I get about 80MB/s (1 Gbit line) My...
  15. What open source solutions are available to use "ZFS over iSCSI with Proxmox"?

    Interesting! How did you set rr on BSD? What performance are you getting, as the BSD / FreeNAS forums claim BSD won't work well in round robin mode.
  16. What open source solutions are available to use "ZFS over iSCSI with Proxmox"?

    Do any of you also use FreeNAS with a dual NIC setup? Do you Multipath or LACP?
  17. ZFS over ISCSI ?

    I'm wondering is there a performance benefit to running iSCSI instead of NFS to FreeNAS? Especially as the ZFS over iSCSI does not support MPIO yet according to the Wiki? (I would bundle 2 x 1Gbit connections)
  18. IPv6 works but not incoming

    My containers get their IPv6 IP assigned through SLAAC, this works. They can also ping and connect outside over ipv6. But for some reason they won't accept any connection coming in. Not from the internet, but also not locally on their public IP. (connections are open to the internet) As far as...
  19. ZFS & AMD Ryzen/Threadripper?

    One more thing I was wondering. Would it make more sense to have one server with the storage and the VM's. Or would it be more advisable to buy/build a NAS and run everything from there. Don't think I will need to expand to more servers in the future.
  20. ZFS & AMD Ryzen/Threadripper?

    Mm thinking a bit further, if you would have a Ryzen running. It would have a max memory of 64GB. If you then for example would have 48TB of zfs storage, would there be enough memory available to run VM's? Maybe interesting here are two servers build with Ryzen, and this one runs Proxmox


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