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  1. proxmox and pfsense - connectivity under lan

    I have been running a Proxmox cluster with a virtualized PFsense for over a year. My PFsense moves between nodes as I have central storage setup via Freenas through ISCSI Currently PFsense is on proxmox node 3: - I use OVS - vlan 1 = LAN network (through vmbr0) - vmbr1 = DMZ - vmbr5 = WAN...
  2. How do you monitor your Proxmox nodes?

    I use LibreNMS, which has support specifically for Proxmox. Will show all of individual VM traffic just by adding a node and setting the proxmox flag. - LibreNMS using SNMP and Check_MK
  3. [SOLVED] 10G ethernet config questions

    I also have had the same issue when updating the firmware through DELL. The way I have resolved this (not the only way), was to setup the following: VM running Dell Openmanage Enterprise - I use this to monitor all my dell servers On a windows 10 VM I have DELL EMC Repository Manager running...
  4. [SOLVED] 10G ethernet config questions

    I have not had issues with the R620/R720 built in NIC cards. I have purchased 3 x C63DV 0C63DV DELL X520/I350 DAUGHTER CARD from Ebay with no issues. 1) I would double check that it is plugged in correctly ..... sounds silly, but from experience I have been burnt by silly things like this more...
  5. [SOLVED] 10G ethernet config questions

    What I found is that if the card is compatible with the Dell Server and works good with Debian .... you should not have problems with Proxmox My entire setup is using dell servers: R710, R620 and R620 as the proxmox cluster (Running about 15 vm's & 7 containers) R720 as my Freenas head unit /...
  6. [SOLVED] 10G ethernet config questions

    I am using 3 different cards between my R710, 620 and R720 servers: 1) Built in card for Dell R620 ( C63DV 0C63DV DELL X520/I350 DAUGHTER CARD 10GBE NETWORK ) 2) Add in Intel card: Intel X520-DA2 10Gb 10Gbe 10 Gigabit Network Adapter 3) Add in Mellanox card: Mellanox ConnectX-3 EN CX312A Dual...
  7. Installation Help - R720 with H310 in IT Mode

    Did you set the correct boot drive within the IDRAC / bios ? I run Freenas through a R720 and had to setup the correct boot disks through IDRAC/bios
  8. FreeNAS 11.2u4 with Proxmox 5.4 iSCSI

    I like the features of ZFS over ISCSI in that it automatically creates ZVOL, which I can easily snapshot. However, again my performance is slower vs regular ISCSI. Just quick example: Using proxmox host 2 (Dell R620) - Freenas 11.2-u4 (8x1tb enterprise SSD vdev mirrors); Freenas for ISCSI...
  9. FreeNAS 11.2u4 with Proxmox 5.4 iSCSI

    I run both MPIO ISCSI (Freenas ZVOL ---> 3 node proxmox cluster) and it works really good from a reliability and performance standpoint. I can saturate my 10gb links. I found the following forum post useful to setting it up
  10. First Proxmox / Pfsense Setup

    You can complete the setup with just two NIC's - In most cases you would set the ISP modem/router to bridge mode, so that your PFsense interface (assigned to WAN) would obtain and IP address directly from the ISP DHCP server (not from modem/router) ISP-->ISP Modem (Bridge Mode)-->Proxmox...
  11. [SOLVED] LVM Volume of VM are missig after VM is stopped on V5.4.3

    When you restart the VM on the same node, the disks return ? - Not visible in the VM hardware configuration when VM stops ? - Not visible under storage (Local-Storage or whatever you have it named) ?
  12. Performance issues with OpenMediaVault VM (ZFS/LUKS...)

    Have you tried setting: zfs set sync=disabled on the zpool
  13. Proxmox 5.4 Issues with VM performance

    I was thinking about it some more last night: I have the following modifications to the base proxmox install: vm.swappiness = 1 (I found that the base value of proxmox caused me some sluggishness over time) The two below .... I am not sure I have seen much difference with them implemented...
  14. Proxmox 5.4 Issues with VM performance

    So I ran a couple of tests on one of my proxmox node, which is running latest 5.4 (fully updated) Dell R620 - dual E5-2643V2 (24 cores - 3.5ghz) 128gb of ram; 8x400gb Intel S3610 SSD in raid 10 (Perc H710p 1gb controller)- EXT4 file system from proxmox installer I have 5 VM's running on this...
  15. Proxmox 5.4 Issues with VM performance

    What hardware are you running? Processors, memory, disk, etc. I have not noticed anything on my setup, but will try to recreate by loading up other VM's while using windows VM - My setup for test: R620 Dell with 128gb memory; dual E5-2680V2 or dual E5-2663V2 (depends on node) and either all...
  16. iSCSI Reconnecting every 10 seconds to FreeNAS solution

    Yes, I tried with just one IP address and restarted the syslog-ng. However, I am still seeing the connection lost for that connection. I even tried changing the IP to one of the other connections, but still same outcome.
  17. iSCSI Reconnecting every 10 seconds to FreeNAS solution

    I tried adding the code above into the syslog-ng.conf on my freenas, but am still seeing the errors..... For me all of the errors are a real problem since I have 3 proxmox servers with two ISCSI links each. That is an error message for each connection.
  18. How to get traffic for each VM for one month for billing purposes

    You can also use something like LibreNMS to monitor host or/and vm through SNMP.
  19. Running a NAS on PMVE

    From, what I have learned so far in my own setup (If I wanted an all in one setup): If possible I would have separate storage for my VM images (seperate disks for proxmox) and pass through an HBA to my NAS operation system. This way the NAS operating system has direct access to the disks. I...
  20. Running a NAS on PMVE

    In my environment I have 4 different NAS systems running. 1 - Dedicated Freenas box used for ISCSI, CIFS, etc.... (dedicated SAN/NAS) [excellent storage performance - full 10gb network saturation] 1 - OMV installed as a VM running in proxmox with an HBA passed directly to the VM (16 x 2TB...


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