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  1. Subscription License Question

    Gotcha, so for a LAB environment its probably the opposite of what I would want. Thanks for help
  2. Subscription License Question

    I run a Lab environment in my basement with 6 servers. All running Proxmox/Ceph. This is mostly for fun. I would like to get a subscription for the environment, but cant really afford to get 6 copys of the license. I dont really need any support, I have been able handle every problem...
  3. After upgrade to 5.4 redundant corosync ring does not work as expected

    # omping -c 10000 -i 0.001 -F -q -m : waiting for response msg : joined (S,G) = (*,, pinging : given amount of query messages was sent : unicast, xmt/rcv/%loss = 10000/10000/0%...
  4. After upgrade to 5.4 redundant corosync ring does not work as expected

    I'm having a very similar issue, maybe even the same issue. After updating. However I only had 1 Ring setup, and it was preventing my cluster from communicating with each other. I eventually added a Secondary Ring, which has resolved the communication issue, However, the Primary Ring still is...
  5. [SOLVED] Apache2/Nginx load balancing interface

    frontend localhost bind *:443 mode tcp default_backend nodes backend nodes balance roundrobin mode tcp server xoserver01 check server xoserver02 check server xoserver03 check server...
  6. [SOLVED] Apache2/Nginx load balancing interface

    think you can post your config? Have random issues with mine
  7. [SOLVED] Apache2/Nginx load balancing interface

    Nice thanks that fixed it... Nginx and Apache "almost" worked, but HAProxy everything seems to work on it using "mode TCP" Appreciate the help
  8. [SOLVED] Apache2/Nginx load balancing interface

    I read some of the other posts on this, stating that this has been resolved. But I am still having some issues with it. Trying to run the Proxmox's Gui through a load balancer. Nginx or Apache (I've tried both) I pulled this config off the forums, and it works, WITHOUT the "BalanceMember"...


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