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  1. Multiple NICs for OpenVZ containers

    I've always restarted or stopped the VMs when adding and removing veth devices.
  2. Multiple NICs for OpenVZ containers

    Via 'man vzctl', for veth, you should end up with something like: vzctl set <VMID> --netif_add eth<N>,,,,vmbr<M> --save for adding an interface eth<N> in the container <VMID> to bridge vmbr<M> in the host. To remove eth<N> from container <VMID> trigger: vzctl set <VMID> --netif_del...
  3. Problems with bridged ethernet in vz-containers after upgrade to pve 1.5

    Hi! After upgrading to PVE 1.5, kernel 2.6.18 I got a problem with containers using bridged ethernet network. Here is an example from starting from the command line: Configure veth devices: veth219.0 Adding interface veth219.0 to bridge vmbr2 on CT0 for CT219 /usr/sbin/vznetaddbr: line...
  4. Got my storage, How to migrate maschines

    Hi! What about putting these instructions somewhere in the HowTo? Its good to know how to do this stuff. Joe
  5. Decent Dell RAID card for 4x300GB disks in a Dell r410

    I have a cluster of two servers with the same disk-layout, but PERC5/i instead. These servers don't seem as responsive as the ones with PERC6/i, when under no load at all, but that's just a hunch. Currently the PERC5s are under very heavy load so comparing results makes no sense.
  6. Decent Dell RAID card for 4x300GB disks in a Dell r410

    Hi! As commented in this thread, it is a little difficult to get clean results from servers that are in use. Anyway, from a PERC6/i with 4x 300GB SAS 15k in RAID 10 I got: CPU BOGOMIPS: 39903.65 REGEX/SECOND: 472006 HD SIZE: 94.49 GB (/dev/pve/root)...
  7. DEll 1850 server boots up with PVE, but network drop is not up

    Hi! Something similar happened to me a few times when first testing PVE before production. If I remember correctly the order of the NICs had changed. When fixing that everything worked again.
  8. hardware recomendation

    Hi! Don't know if anyone else have seen it, but I couldn't install Proxmox VE 1.1 using a perc6i controller before turning off the write-back cache in the RAID controller. I have three 300GB 15k SAS disks connected to the perc6i. RAID 5 or 1 produced the same result, install getting very slow...


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