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  1. VM's starten nicht mehr

    apt-get install dbus
  2. Cannot start KVM

    apt-get install dbus The latest ProxMox version requires dbus daemon running for some unknown reason.
  3. Survey: Do you use KVM or OpenVZ, or both?

    Only KVM. OpenVZ is a buggy shit.
  4. Proxmmox with OpenVZ and veth

    I cannot say anything about ProxMox 2.0 becouse I haven't try it yet. But I see, that on your installation, according to "ip addr show", that you have no bridge interfaces (vmbr* or br*) on your host machine. It's explicable that you can not create a bridged interface inside VE. You just have...
  5. pve backup speeds on my server: should be better?

    Up to me, I prefer to invoke backup manually or by cron with the next parameters: vzdump --snapshot --dumpdir /mnt/nfs/backup \ --tmpdir /opt/backup \ --stdexcludes --bwlimit 102400 \ 100 Please see the key "--bwlimit" in vzdump's manual. The desirable B/W limit depends on current server...
  6. pve backup speeds on my server: should be better?

    How do you invoke the backup process? AFAIK, by default vzdump is restricted by maximum speed in order to limit CPU IO load during backups.
  7. Proxmmox with OpenVZ and veth

    No, it's a delusion. If your machines have different IP addresses, there are no restrictions on port usage. Please, copypaste here output of: from your host-machine.
  8. End of life Debian 5.0 Lenny

    alain There is no obstacles to upgrade to Squeeze your Proxmox 1.9 installation right now. It will work without problems. I have tested this, and myself is working on ProxMox 1.9 / Squeeze for few months without visible issues. The only thing to consider is to craft a stub package for grub1...
  9. New 2.6.32 Kernel in pvetest (pve-kernel-2.6.32-6-pve: 2.6.32-50)

    As of me, I could not find a direct relationship between KVM running and server fault on reboot. I always manually stop all KVM virtual machines before performing any operations. Usually after message "Will now restart" in console I see some strings about "shutdown md devices". And this time...
  10. e1000 and igb driver update
  11. e1000 and igb driver update

    First, please build a functional kernel with this driver. :p Else what shell I test? 2.6.32-50 does not fit even for testing, it's too buggy.
  12. VM with two network addresses

    OK. On host machine you organize two ethernet bridges: vmbr0 with ip="" and vmbr1 with any public IP from your pool. Also, on host machine you define all necessary static routes into your LAN (if any) and default gateway to Internet. The next step is to open VM's Network setting in...
  13. e1000 and igb driver update

    Yes, you are right. I have not tested 1.6.3 yet. But I'm not sure that they have fixed this bug.
  14. New 2.6.32 Kernel in pvetest (pve-kernel-2.6.32-6-pve: 2.6.32-50)

    Yes, already asked. My name is "Stanislav" on their bugtracker. They provided no answer. I can't answer exactly too. I came by feet to the problematic server on monday. Connected display and keyboard to it and found just a blank screen with nothing on it. Server did not respond either on my...
  15. e1000 and igb driver update Please, see the last two comments.
  16. New 2.6.32 Kernel in pvetest (pve-kernel-2.6.32-6-pve: 2.6.32-50)

    OK. Concerning the subject, 2.6.32-50. The bug I mentioned above (number 2045 in OpenVZ bugzilla) is still present here too. And one more issue. I have updated the kernel from previous version, then successfully rebooted into it. Then I decided to reboot once again. My box has not come up...
  17. VM with two network addresses

    The short answer is "yes". The full answer depends on you exactly wish. So, I ask you again: do you mean venet or veth virtual network implementation? If you are not sure, please refer to OpenVZ wiki.
  18. New 2.6.32 Kernel in pvetest (pve-kernel-2.6.32-6-pve: 2.6.32-50)

    Dear developers. Do you publish anywhere information about changes, implemented in your regular release? I am interested in full change log and would like to see a full list of patches that you have applied to "original" RHEL kernel. For example, I would like to know if this bugfix is included...
  19. e1000 and igb driver update

    Please, be aware. The latest releases of e1000e intel drivers (1.6.2 branch) have some stability issues, related to some bugs with PCI-E burst implementation.
  20. Bridging problems

    Please, always clarify whether your are talking about venet or veth implementation, because they are totally different. If you mean venet, then you must assign a reasonable address to vmbr1. If not, then built-in ARP proxy won't be able to determine which vmbr is responsible for operation of...


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