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  1. proxmox compatibility with ATTO FC-81EN (HBA)?

    anyone have any experience with ATTO FC-81EN fiber adapter card for proxmox? i know this card is supported by VMWare and Hyper-V but do not know for proxmox. Anyone have any experience with getting this card working on proxmox? if not, i might have to just run this on VMWare which I honestly do...
  2. proxmox snapshot vs xen/vmware snapshot

    proxmox's kvm livesnapshots still seem to take a lot slower than Xen/vmware snapshots. it takes about a minute, where as in xen usually is max 5-10 seconds.
  3. proxmox snapshot vs xen/vmware snapshot

    Doesn't LVM support snapshotting too? What is the difference between it and zfs in terms of snapshots?
  4. proxmox snapshot vs xen/vmware snapshot

    Thanks for the replies. FYI, I am mainly doing openvz containers. I guess this is why I am confused because only KVM supports the live snapshots. Is it safe to assume that due to the nature of openvz, live snapshots are not possible (ram state)? If so, i'm curious to see how Xen handle this...
  5. proxmox snapshot vs xen/vmware snapshot

    i still cant figure out if i'm doing it wrong or if this is some kind of limitation of proxmox. on xen/vmware, i simply right click on vm -> take snapshot, and within seconds i have a backup i can revert back to or clone off of at any time. on proxmox, when i create snapshot, the bigger the vm...
  6. very slow IO, almost hangs time to time

    Hi Dietmar, thank you for your reply. I did unmount it, but not sure how to delete it. Vzdump is not running and it looks like a leftover.
  7. very slow IO, almost hangs time to time

    Unfortunately I can't seem to do any on proxmox right now. I tried creating new vm, editing note, it just gets connection timeout. I can't create backup right now it seems. As for hard drives, they were WD RED NAS. I think what I'll do is just re-install the entire server. Fortunately I had...
  8. very slow IO, almost hangs time to time

    So let me try clarify this, I really appreciate the help btw. 1) Proxmox was installed on the WD3TB (non-ssd) through latest ISO installer. Proxmox by default installs using ext3? Other VMs I created are using ext4. 2) All the drives are configured as AHCI. No RAID was used. Now if all comes...
  9. very slow IO, almost hangs time to time

    i have not done RAID or even soft raid. just 4 hard disks set to JBOD (just a bunch of disks).
  10. very slow IO, almost hangs time to time

    Here is the cat /proc/mounts: root@server1:~# cat /proc/mounts sysfs /sys sysfs rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,relatime 0 0 proc /proc proc rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,relatime 0 0 udev /dev devtmpfs rw,relatime,size=10240k,nr_inodes=33012938,mode=755 0 0 devpts /dev/pts devpts...
  11. very slow IO, almost hangs time to time

    So heres my pveperf: root@server1:~# pveperf CPU BOGOMIPS: 166389.92 REGEX/SECOND: 546091 HD SIZE: 94.49 GB (/dev/mapper/pve-root) BUFFERED READS: 30.60 MB/sec AVERAGE SEEK TIME: 13.67 ms FSYNCS/SECOND: 106.28 DNS EXT: 88.38 ms DNS INT: 121.63 ms...
  12. very slow IO, almost hangs time to time

    The /dev/sda is proxmox. It was a stock installation off the latest proxmox iso. But I do see the various /dev/mapper/pve-root and /dev/mapper/pve-root, etc which are from /dev/sda. Is there a probblem? This is how it looks atm: root@server1:~# df -h Filesystem...
  13. very slow IO, almost hangs time to time

    Host is /dev/sda, VM is on /dev/sdb: root@server1:~# fdisk -lu /dev/sda WARNING: GPT (GUID Partition Table) detected on '/dev/sda'! The util fdisk doesn't support GPT. Use GNU Parted. Disk /dev/sda: 3000.6 GB, 3000592982016 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 364801 cylinders, total...
  14. very slow IO, almost hangs time to time

    Btw, I was running Docker inside the KVM. Could this have anything to with it?
  15. very slow IO, almost hangs time to time

    I do not have RAID by software, it is just JBOD. And FYI, smartctl checks out fine across all my hard drives, all test scans PASSED. I basically did: smartctl -d ata -H /dev/sdb But so here is one interesting thing I found. First, I have: WD3TB #1 (proxmox) WD3TB #2 (extra) IntelSSD480 #1...
  16. very slow IO, almost hangs time to time

    so i am seeing these in the host's syslog messages: EXT4-fs (dm-5): Unaligned AIO/DIO on inode 67764229 by kvm; performance will be poor. could it be due to this??? if so, what would be the cause for it (and fix)?
  17. very slow IO, almost hangs time to time

    Hi there, I am experiencing a occasional system hangs/freeze ups w/ my new server which is: SUPERMICRO 6017R-WRF E5-2670 2 x Intel530 480gb SSD 2 x WD 3TB SATA3 On-board Controller The HDDs are set to JBOD. I have the proxmox installed on one of the WD3TB SATA3 with my other hard drives...
  18. cloning a KVM?

    Oh and I do know about the part where you can do it on a VM that has "stopped". But would like to see it done on a live running VM w/o downtime. On Xen, you can create instant snapshot and convert the "snapshot" into a template no problem w/o any downtime.
  19. cloning a KVM?

    Coming from Xen/VMWare, cloning, templating, and booting up a live VM in seconds are one of those features that makes virtualization wonderful but I do not see it supported on Proxmox(?). Or am I overlooking something or is there some reason proxmox don't support this? I know you can manually...
  20. confused about proxmox backup options

    i guess these are mostly, Live Snapshot backup questions. 1) is there a snapshot backups for containers? i can only see it under KVM at the moment. 2) where are snapshot backups stored? i'd like to have them on remote storage if possible. 3) how dangerous/bad-idea is it to take snapshots...


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