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  1. Blue screen with 5.1

    Agreed. The new kernel fixed the problem
  2. Proxmox CEPH Cluster's Performance

    I am quite curious, have you upgraded to Bluestore? And if so, what are your speeds like now?
  3. how to change CEPH OSD logical sector size?

    I have seen some bad performance in the past where 512 emulation is used. Hence, I want to switch it and test to see what happens.
  4. Can PVE cluster decide where best to start a new VM?

    I haven't seen such an option in Proxmox.
  5. how to change CEPH OSD logical sector size?
  6. VIRTIO SCSI very few iops on write for Windows VMs

    I have noticed the same recently. Using IDE for Windows clients make them blazing fast, whereas VirtIO and SCSI disk drives are very very slow.
  7. Mounting ceph pool for total beginner

    Hi, I tried this but got the following error: rbd: error opening default pool 'rbd' Ensure that the default pool has been created or specify an alternate pool name. root@virt1:~# more /etc/ceph/rbdmap # RbdDevice Parameters #poolname/imagename...
  8. how to change CEPH OSD logical sector size?

    Hi, Does anyone know how to change the Logical Sector size of a CEPH OSD? I have searched the forums but cannot find a solution.
  9. Proxmox, Ceph and local storage performance

    @mateusz did you ever get to the bottom of your performance problem?
  10. how to rename a ceph OSD?

    Hi, Is it possible to rename a CEPH OSD? ^Croot@virt3:~# ceph osd tree ID CLASS WEIGHT TYPE NAME STATUS REWEIGHT PRI-AFF -1 87.33948 root default -3 29.11316 host virt1 1 hdd 7.27829 osd.1 up 1.00000 1.00000 2 hdd 7.27829 osd.2 up...
  11. [SOLVED] Ceph SSD pool slow performance

    We have a 500Mb wireless link to another office, about 4 KM away. ping times are about 2ms. But it's not the same 10Gbe storage network that we have for the CEPH storage.
  12. [SOLVED] Ceph SSD pool slow performance

    I am curios, how would you configure CEPH, not to run slow, if the servers are in different datacenters like this?
  13. Apply/Commit Latency on Ceph

    I ran a straight ping between the host nodes, hence also aksing the OP what method he used for his measurements. I'll install and test with ioping quickly.
  14. Apply/Commit Latency on Ceph

    What latency are you referring to? Network latency between the servers? How did you measure the latency? In a similar setup, our latency on the storage network is 0.011ms average
  15. cannot stop ceph OSD from command line

    Aha! So I can only run that command from the host node on which the OSD resides, not from any host node. Gotcha ;)
  16. How to pin CPU cores to ceph OSD?

    Thanx. How does Proxmox PIN the CPU cores?
  17. how to improve performance?

    Hi, Ok, so I have enabled Jumbo Frames on the switch and set MTU to 9000 on the storage NIC's, but the file copy speed in Windows didn't improve.
  18. how to improve performance?

    Ok, so I have the "virtio-win-0.1.141.iso" ISO installed and both the Hard Disk drivers and Network Drivers are up to date. Qemu Agent is installed and running. I followed and applied all the settings (again) as per this link:
  19. how to improve performance?

    Please explain, where is this setup?


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