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  1. Proxmox 6.0 no connections

    auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface enp2s0 inet manual auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet static address netmask gateway bridge_ports en2s0 bridge_fd 0 iface enp5s4 inet manual please verify your configuration im vmbr0. il think you shoiuld have enp2s0 and...
  2. ProxMox Freezing On AMD RYZEN Machines

    Did you try to disable c6 in the bios if available ? View here :
  3. Memory usage of corosync

    Thanks for the answer.
  4. Memory usage of corosync

    Bonjour, With the new version of corosync ( version 3 ) , the proces use 200 Mo of memory. No way to reduce it ? I think in the older version, it didn't use so much memory.
  5. Packages kept back on upgrade to 6.0 with glusterfs official repo

    Actually it's broken because of the problem of glusterfs. the packages pve-qemu-kvm qemu-server spiceterm failed the dependency. root@prox4:~# apt list --upgradable En train de lister... Fait libpve-common-perl/stable 6.0-3 all [pouvant être mis à jour depuis : 6.0-2]...
  6. Packages kept back on upgrade to 6.0 with glusterfs official repo

    root@prox4:~# apt-get update Atteint :1 buster InRelease Atteint :2 buster-updates InRelease Atteint :3 stretch InRelease Atteint :5 buster...
  7. Packages kept back on upgrade to 6.0 with glusterfs official repo

    On my own config @home, everyworking fine with gluster v6, but promox was installed over a debian insatllation and i add manually the gluster repository deb [arch=amd64] buster main before the uprgrade it was...
  8. Different UI for shutting down a whole node vs a single container

    For the info, In ssh console mode, i use Molly-guard
  9. NFS CT backup without local copy ?

    dans le fichier /etc/pve/vzdump.cron rajouter --tmpdir with the directory you want 0 1 * * 1 root vzdump 191 251 252 224 --storage Backup_semaine --quiet 1 --mode stop --mailnotification always --tmpdir /Data/SSD/Temp_backup --mailto --compress lzo
  10. Proxmox Host - random freeze(?)

    I have the same issue with my intel pentium g3258. The problem only occurs when idle.
  11. Proxmox Host - random freeze(?)

    Did you try to disable c6 in the bios if available ? View here :
  12. Sharing Storage (Ceph or Gluster) for VM's in a 3 node scenario...

    i think it's depend of the configuration, replica, distribute, number of brick... for example, with a replica 3 arbiter 1 or full replica 3 with 3 bricks, the recover is easy because the all the data is on the brick itself. if you have a problem, the data is visible on the storage. if you...
  13. Proxmox 2 node cluster - Gluserfs problem

    Gluster with replica 2 : bad idea; because if one server goes done , you can have split brain. The solution is to have third serveur, to avoid this. And then you can add have minimum a replica 3 arbiter 1 volume on the third you can have simply an arbiter volume, no real data on it, but no...
  14. Gluster volume conversion

    Bonjour I think it's something like that and then perhaps this works too : and then you rebalance the volume, but with replica 3 a i think it does it itself when you add the bricks because all the files are replicate. you can create a test volume and test this. i use this method when a...
  15. HDD never spin down

    the filesystem is ext4 ? you can this to see what access the disk : Hi Another option is to enable hard drive access dumping to syslog. That may tell you what is accessing the particular drive. I used it myself may moons ago and found it useful. To turn it on... Code: and to turn it off...
  16. glusterfs 4.0 released.. lxc on glusterfs?

    Possible with version 5 of Glusterfs ?
  17. Query regarding RAID

    If you installed proxmox over a debian installation, everything is possible. at home : root@prox1:~# cat /proc/mdstat Personalities : [linear] [multipath] [raid0] [raid1] [raid6] [raid5] [raid4] [raid10] md0 : active raid1 sda2[0](W) mmcblk0p1[2] 3904512 blocks super 1.2 [2/2] [UU]...
  18. How can I add additional IPs to Proxmox network interface?

    Can you confirm me that if we use the same "vmbr10", we can't put down only one ip the network interface ? i use also have the ":1" in my config so i can do : ifconfig down vmbr0:1 to just shut down this specific ip address


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