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  1. Multiple NICs/network bridge on same subnet?

    Just set up the bridges assigned to each network interface without any configuration (except one, you still need to access the host machine on it). Its complaining because you are setting the IP addresses for the host and of course you can only have one primary gateway. Just assign the bridge/s...
  2. [SOLVED] No Proxmox VE trial

    how did you come to this conclusion? The full product can used for free in perpetuity. you only ever pay if you want support, or feel that you would like to support the project/developers. it doesn't get much better as a licensing model.
  3. How do I license MS Server 2016 standard and assign cores?

    Or. Just forget about Microsoft server licensing all together
  4. [SOLVED] Windows server 2019

    OK. that's interesting. they are selling licenses but haven't released the OS yet :/ Download availability Given they have delayed it due to the 1809 Bugs, I certainly would not want to use it in production.
  5. [SOLVED] Windows server 2019

    Most recent I could find was a preview build: (17744) I'm not sure how you managed to buy a license for it? Even if you did, most server licenses come with downgrade rights so install 2016 and upgrade when it gets a...
  6. gui on server

    maybe something like this?
  7. site to site replication

    Thanks Guys. I figured that was the case, but I was asking about future enhancements that might move beyond this, to allow hardware stuck with RAID cards to also replicate. Like the situation I'm in, where I'd have a hard time justifying to the powers that be that I need to strip down and...
  8. site to site replication

    Is there any work being done on cluster replication outside of using ZFS? I have a mixed environment of hyper-v and Proxmox hosts/clusters that need to replicate to our DR site. The Hyper-v cluster was dead easy to set up for this purpose, Unfortunately our Proxmox hardware is really not suited...
  9. Why does no guide exist for this basic "getting started" task?

    Ignore the Proxmox component of your search until you have a mounted drive. look at the link in my previous post. The underlying operating system (Debian) must be able to "see and use" your disks before P-VE can add them as storage.
  10. Why does no guide exist for this basic "getting started" task?

    I'm guessing here you are talking about extra local hdd's (second raid set maybe?). You would be better off with a simple goggle search for adding a new HDD to Debian. how to mount a second drive on boot etc.. this is plain old Linux stuff. once you have a mounted (and formatted?) drive you can...
  11. [SOLVED] New Feature Qemu-Guest-agent should show ip, but it does not (Windows)

    Works for me. I did have to download and install the latest qemu-ga files from the site though.
  12. Doubts about SPICE on Windows guest

    This is less about Proxmox (and even virtualization in general) and more about how windows deals with drivers. Just install all the necessary drivers from the virtIO.iso then run the spice installer. Windows will keep the newest drivers for each component as required. see...
  13. usb3=yes not working?

    If you're using PVE5.0 just do it via the GUI. On the hardware tab, just add USB device. Select your USB device/Drive and check the box for USB3. Works perfectly here for passing through an RDX cartridge for backups.
  14. Kinda feature request for backup.

    I don't know why you think you can only back up to local storage? I back up to another server using a simple NFS share. It's all there in the webGUI for you. From that second server you can always TAR it up (or not) to Tape if you want to take it off site or replicate to a remote server. on...
  15. Bad performance with Ubuntu or Linux Mint

    Proxmox-ve doesn't have any support for virgl as of yet. when I asked about the virglrenderer support in the new beta thread I didn't get a reply. But I would say you probably shouldn't hold your breath waiting for it to happen.
  16. Proxmox VE 5.0 beta1 released!

    Will 5.0 have all the necessary packages to do 3d desktops? would be nice to install Linux desktops without them falling back to software rendered D.E's
  17. AD assistance required.

    I cant help but feel Active Directory integration could do with some work. it would be nice to use "MemberOf" to read group membership for permissions in the web management console, and turning off case sensitivity for AD usernames would be helpful too. Would make it easier to assign servers to...
  18. GPU Passtrough + Remote Connection?

    I think a few of the parts are still missing (i.e. virglrenderer, Mesa driver?). I couldn't get it to work, although that was just after qemu 2.6 went into the test repo and i see there are other updates since.
  19. GPU Passtrough + Remote Connection?

    OK. so it adds to what is in 2.5 (adds Spice support etc..) Cool. roadmap shows 26th of April as potential release date so it should make in into Proxmox-VE around the same time as the 4.4 kernel? Something to look forward too.. :D
  20. GPU Passtrough + Remote Connection?

    really? because the change log for Qemu 2.5 says this: virtio virtio-gpu now supports 3D mode or will 2.6 bring it to Spice?


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