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  1. Change Bus Type IDE to VIRTIO

    Thanks Guys, I did it, Now I have my virtio Disk and my Ethernet with virtio drivers, working great Regards!!!!
  2. Change Bus Type IDE to VIRTIO

    Ok Let me download the driver you said, But the bus type where i can change it, because after i installed the drivers in my 1gb disk then i need to change the bustype in my first Disk. Regards,
  3. Change Bus Type IDE to VIRTIO

    Ok, now i download the driver and i add a 1 gb virtio disk like you say, but where I can change the bus type.
  4. Local-lvm (storage) and VM format

    Thanks I create a new Thread Regards
  5. Change Bus Type IDE to VIRTIO

    Hi guys, Is there a way to change the Bus type IDE to Virtio, I create my VM but i used IDE :( and I need better performance, but I don't want to install a new VM to fix my mistake. Regards
  6. Local-lvm (storage) and VM format

    do i need a subscription to add a new thread :( i cant find the link!! :(
  7. Local-lvm (storage) and VM format

    Hi guys, Is there a way to change the Bus type IDE to Virtio, i create my vm but i used ide :( and i need better performance, but i don't want to install a new vm to fix my mistake. Regards
  8. Local-lvm (storage) and VM format

    Is there a way to create a virtual machine from .vmdk or .ovf or .vhd formats with Proxmox 4.2?
  9. Local-lvm (storage) and VM format

    Hi, What do you mean when you say Missing Mount Point?, When you installed proxmox 4.2 it install a local volume storage 100 gb for proxmox OS and any iso or backup you want, then too it installed a local-lvm (lvm Thin) it is a logical volume too but inside he'll has all your virtual machines...
  10. Local-lvm (storage) and VM format

    Hi everybody!!! I did it and works!!! with kpartx To get the name of your logical volume i used lvdisplay then run kpartx kpartx -a /dev/pve/vm-300-disk-1 and woala!!!!! I can see the virtual machine files, Thanks a lot Regards!!!
  11. Local-lvm (storage) and VM format

    Hi dcsapak!! you are great too, like the other guys, i installed and now i can use vgchange -ay but then i try to mount and i received an error that is write protected : ' (
  12. Local-lvm (storage) and VM format

    Hi LnxBil, I did it using Debian but i received some errors after vgchange -ay , then I start proxmox thinking that instalation was worng or corrupted but not, proxmox started OK, but i dont know why i cant active the "vm-300-disk-1 pve" Regards
  13. Local-lvm (storage) and VM format

    Lets me try with Debian live and i will let you know, Thanks!!!
  14. Local-lvm (storage) and VM format

    Hi LnxBil ,I'm testing the new LVM thin from Proxmox 4.2 before use it in a production enviroment in this new version you can't see the raw disk like image because now promox use a logical volume, then i'm just trying to mount this logical volume in a linux distro to see if i can get the files i...
  15. Local-lvm (storage) and VM format

    Hi Fabian, I'm working trying to mount the logical volume to see my virtual disk but i can't, I type in terminal Sudo lvdisplay and i see the logical volume LV Path /dev/pve/vm-300-disk-1 LV Name vm-300-disk-1 LV Size 80.0 gb And i try to mount sudo mount /dev/pve/vm-300-disk-1...
  16. Local-lvm (storage) and VM format

    Thank you Fabian!!! Thank you Artisticab, Now i'm installing an Ubuntu to mount my proxmox drive to test if i can see the logical volume and extract files from my Virtual Machines, i'll let you know, Regards!!!
  17. Local-lvm (storage) and VM format

    Oh, great Fabian!! then if i connect my physical disk to my PC Can I see the logical volume and there I will find each disk for my machines and can i recover any data? i'm a beginner using proxmox!
  18. Local-lvm (storage) and VM format

    Good morning Guys!!! I was reading your post, and i'm agree with artisticab, with the new proxmox 4.2 I can't find my raw disk for each virtual machine, then i got nervous too because if my Physical Disk fail what can we do to recover at least the raw disk for a manually restore!.. Question guys...


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