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  1. wolfgang

    Get notified upon sync completion

    Hi, This is not included at the moment.
  2. wolfgang

    Hetzner routed und Proxmox

    Hi, du kannst nicht die gleiche IP an zwei verschiedene devices setzen.
  3. wolfgang

    Qemu Guest Agent on FreeBSD11.3

    Hi, For FreeBSD use the ISO qemu-agent-type. This is settable when the advanced checkbox is enabled in the options tab -> qemu-agent
  4. wolfgang

    LXC+iptables networking stop working after some time

    Hi, I do not know your setup in detail but I guess your setup will not allow that the first vmbr can discover your veth. After a time switches will forget the MAC of the ports if they are not used anymore. And if the switch can not find it the traffic will dropped. If you be active you send...
  5. wolfgang

    Proxmox 6.2-4 USB passhtrough disconnection

    Hi, please upgrade to current version and try again.
  6. wolfgang

    Replication doing full sync instead of incremental sync

    Hi, this happens if the copies are different and have not the same snapshots. You can compare snapshots with this command zfs send rpool/data/subvol-705-disk-1@__replicate_705-0_1600869659__ | zstreamdump Also, compare the snapshots on both sides with list
  7. wolfgang

    qm monitor vmId show mem and qm monitor show vmId tlb timeout / freeze

    Hi, AFIK there is no "show" command in the current version of pve 6.2-11. did you mean "info"?
  8. wolfgang

    Proxmox Upgrade and Snapshot?

    Hi, Proxmox VE does not do snapshots before the upgrade.
  9. wolfgang

    Network issue

    Hi, this depends on how the external IP is configured and how your provider handles this. PVE will forward every IP you set in the VM to the next switch.
  10. wolfgang

    Ok, Another Proxmox / Open Media Vault Post...

    Use ZFS of PVE and on to install an OMV CT. In his case related to his HW settings.
  11. wolfgang

    Proxmox 6.2 Kernel Error Bad RIP Value

    Udo do you use an IPERC on this server if yes can you tell me which one it is. Maybe it is related to the Disk IO devices. We have here no such problems with EPYC CPUs. Also, your storage config is interesting.
  12. wolfgang

    GPU Passtrhough auf AMD Epyc mit 2x Vega 56, 1x W5700 und 1x Grid K2

    Hi, hast du dir schon die WIKI angeschaut?
  13. wolfgang

    can't join some nodes to cluster

    Hi, are the network available on all nodes?
  14. wolfgang

    [SOLVED] Rules don't have the desired effect

    Hi, ping is an arp package and this is at layer 2 and not on layer 3. You can use arptables for this. But this has to be manually configured.
  15. wolfgang

    Firewall rules number column not wide enough and cannot be resized

    Hi, can you please create an entry at
  16. wolfgang

    P10S-I - Updating BIOS breaks GPU passthrough

    Hi, it looks like a bug in the iommu group. So the PCIe is not turnoff correctly. I would if I can flash the old bios and use intel microcode to update the CPU microcode.
  17. wolfgang

    Storage design question

    Hi, we do only support LVM with FC multipath, but this does not snapshot. Did you try GFS2?
  18. wolfgang

    HA boot priority

    Hi, no there is no such feature yet. But there is a feature request for this. See
  19. wolfgang

    restore fails for a lxc - mtime problem?

    Hi, what do you use as storage for the container?
  20. wolfgang

    Bluetooth Problems on Intel Nuc8i5

    Hi, Proxmox VE is made for enterprise use. Bluetooth is not part of such environments and so we ship not this kind of drivers. Please search in this forum for "Intel wifi install". There are many threads about this topic.


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