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  1. tom

    Blocking docx with rar

    I doubt that we can magically find your wrong configuration without any logs from you.
  2. tom

    New Mobile App for Proxmox VE!

    Not really too important for me. There are always external dependencies, e.g. you need to buy a smart phone to use the mobile app.
  3. tom

    gentle warning : windows 10 version 2004 update and Proxmox

    Works here. Provide more details and test again with a clean win install.
  4. tom

    New Mobile App for Proxmox VE!

    As already posted, opaque works great. See
  5. tom

    Can not install Windows 2019

    Just works. Most got corrupted ISOs. See also
  6. tom

    Tuxis launches free Proxmox Backup Server BETA service

    Read on
  7. tom

    [SOLVED] Kann keine Features in LXC (Nesting und Keyctl) setzen

    bitte zuerst immer auf die aktuelle version updaten. =>
  8. tom

    How to install associated 5.4.34-1-pve kernel's headers?

    this is an outdated kernel, current stable kernel is pve-kernel-5.4.60-1-pve: 5.4.60-2 in order go get the headers for the current kernel, just install: > apt install pve-headers
  9. tom

    Proxmox VE Ceph Benchmark 2020/09 - hyper-converged mit NVMe

  10. tom

    e1000e eno1: Detected Hardware Unit Hang:

    Please stop triple- posts! Posting three times the same question within 30 minutes is a really annoying.
  11. tom

    Installation ifupdown2

    Natürlich dokumentiert niemand, was man NICHT machen soll ...
  12. tom

    Options file location

    You talk about VM options? See /etc/pve/qemu-server/ For each VM you will find a config file inside this directory, e.g. 100.conf for you VM with the ID 100.
  13. tom

    Installation ifupdown2

    Bitte NIEMALS diesen Befehl ausführen, führt fast immer zu nicht funktionierenden Proxmox Installationen. => Docu lesen
  14. tom

    Proxmox Web GUI/VMs all dead after update - help wanted!

    you did: > apt-get upgrade This will break Proxmox systems in most cases.
  15. tom

    VMWare appliance

    What do you miss exactly? The kernel works great on vmware, you can also install vmware tools if you like.
  16. tom

    Proxmox Web GUI/VMs all dead after update - help wanted!

    Just apply the updates via GUI, and/or read the upgrade docs:
  17. tom

    Mails aus Quarantäne werden nicht an Benutzer zugestellt

    das sieht soweit ok aus. im Tracking Center kann man mit doppelklick auch die details der logs anschauen.
  18. tom

    Mails aus Quarantäne werden nicht an Benutzer zugestellt

    => email mit Änderungswunsch an


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