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  1. SATA DOM as OS discs?

    Hello, installing Proxmox on SATA-DOMs is a valid option? I saw older threads where it was not recommended. I thought to use two SATA-DOMs in mirrored configuration, which are 64 GB in size and rated at 1 DWPD, shouldn't they be reliable enough only for the OS? Regards, Thomas
  2. Proxmox 6.1 OOM killed a VM

    Hello, Friday evening one of four hosts in our PVE cluster got out of memory. It killed the qemu process of one of our VMs, fortunately no apparent damage, restared without problem (apart the obligatory disk check). The killed VM is a CentOS 6 fully patched, 64bit. At the moment the host is...
  3. [SOLVED] Join fresh install of PVE 6.1 to 6.0 cluster

    Hello, we'd like to add two servers to our existing Promox 6.0 Cluster. Can we use the 6.1 iso's or better first install 6.0 to join the cluster and upgrade afterwards to 6.1? Thanks, Thomas
  4. Disk resize problem

    Hello all, I had a very strange and scary problem with one of our VMs when resizing a disk. The discs of the VM where imported through 'qm importdisk....' from an XenServer xva file. I cloned the VM to do a test and tried to resize on the clone. VM had 3 disks (scsi0 -> 2), where I tried to...
  5. [SOLVED] FS-Cache Dulicate cookie detected

    Hello, I have this message from kernel when I mount manually a NFS share: [158568.381905] FS-Cache: Duplicate cookie detected [158568.381943] FS-Cache: O-cookie c=00000000d6bc3b33 [p=000000007206c149 fl=222 nc=0 na=1] [158568.383018] FS-Cache: O-cookie d=000000004b7a1f04 n=0000000027a0466e...
  6. [SOLVED] BSOD: System thread exception not handled

    Hello all, we have a big problem importing Windows 2016/2019 VMs from XenServer. We get the bluescreen with the error above, Safe Mode gives the same error. At the moment using Proxmox with the non-enterprise repository, fully updated. Tested on running a Xeon Gold 5120 and an old Operton...
  7. iSCSI LVM no snapshot....alternatives?

    Hello, we have installed a Open-E cluster and originally intended to share the disks via iSCSI. But LVM on top of iSCSI does not support snapshots, which is very bad for us. Looking at would have prevented the surprise, I know. :-) lvm-thin does not work...
  8. [SOLVED] Advice for new hardware

    Hello all, we will buy new hardware for our migration from XenServer to Proxmox and need some advice/recommendation. First are AMD Epyc CPUs an alternative to Intel for Proxmox? Are there compatibility issues? Will be an two AMD Epyc 7351, 2.40 Ghz 16 Core or two Intel Gold 2,20 Ghz 14 Core...
  9. Error when moving disk on busy VM

    Hello all, I'm testing a Proxmox installation with local and iSCSI Storage. I wanted to test how a disk move behaves when the VM is busy working on the disks. So I launched a fio in the VM, with a sequential write profile. And while this was running I tried to move the disk from local ZFS to...
  10. [SOLVED] Administrator User and no shell access

    Hello all, I created a new user with access rights 'Administrator'. But he can not display the '>_ Shell' screen of the Proxmox host. It gives the error in the attached screenshot. Is there a way to resolve this? Thanks, Thomas
  11. [SOLVED] Bought licence key and no-subscription-repo

    Hallo all, we bought today a licence key for our Proxmox VE 5.1 Server. I added the key in the subscription menu, removed the 'No-Subscribtion-Repo' from the /etc/apt/sources.list and reactivated the enterprise repo which I had previously commented out...


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