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  1. Advice for file sharing between containers

    Yes, here is an an example profile: profile lxc-container-default-with-nfs flags=(attach_disconnected,mediate_deleted) { #include <abstractions/lxc/container-base> # allow NFS (nfs/nfs4) mounts. mount fstype=nfs*, mount fstype=cgroup -> /sys/fs/cgroup/**, }
  2. Advice for file sharing between containers

    Add `mount fstype=cgroup -> /sys/fs/cgroup/**,` to your file and you should be good
  3. Recover images from Fileserver?

    UPDATE4: This did not work out as I had hoped, I just added the `container` capability to the `local` storage, then copied it from the fileserver to the right folder (/var/lib/pve/images/<CTID>) and it worked perfectly fine :) For those wondering why I am "spamming" these updates: It is so...
  4. Recover images from Fileserver?

    UPDATE3: found the image in `/dev/pve`
  5. Recover images from Fileserver?

    UPDATE2: I can't seem to find the location of the CT images... I've looked in `/var/lib/lxc` and `/var/lib/vz/images`
  6. Recover images from Fileserver?

    UPDATE: literally a few seconds later I noticed that Proxmox5 uses LVM-Thin by default, I made a new volume with `LVM` (not `LVM-Thin`) and it now created an image... Let's see what happens when I copy the old image to the new CT..
  7. Recover images from Fileserver?

    My idiot colleague was trying to upgrade our non-clustered PVE node (exact version is unknown, but if I remember correctly it was 4.1 or 4.3) to 5.x. This however led to some unexpected failure of the node (errors n stuff). After reverting back to the Jessie sources, we managed to get it...
  8. LXC Containers invalid SSL certificates?

    Thanks, there was no man entry, but I managed to figure it out by the man entry you mentioned. apt-get install ca-certificates update-ca-certificates
  9. LXC Containers invalid SSL certificates?

    Hii There, Today, I installed a little LXC container with a python script to update my DNS records when my IP changes. However, I get an error that the certificate for the website that it makes the request to (CloudFlare in this case) is invalid. In fact: ALL certificates that aren't from major...
  10. Container not starting after adding "lxc.aa_profile"

    where can I find the `lxc-default-cgns`? I've looked in /etc/apparmor.d/lxc, but it doesn't exist there.
  11. Container not starting after adding "lxc.aa_profile"

    Hii There, So I'm switching my VMs to Containers (as containers seem to be the better choice at the moment). However, one of my containers needs to mount a CIFS share (I know NFS is probably the better choice, but it's just for a Plex Media Server). However, Apparmor denied mounting (which took...
  12. Sometimes lxc vm starts hang with blank console or 'connected to tty1'

    I have this issue as well, though rebooting the container works for me. Would like to get rid of it :)
  13. Copy VM images trough FTP

    Thanks, this seemed to work :D Since FTP is a good standard in my opinion. especially for remote operation.
  14. Copy VM images trough FTP

    hii there, I just got a new NAS here, which will house all the VMs. This new NAS will replace the old NAS that holds all the drives, but when I turn off all VMs and login to my NAS through FTP and copy the proxmox share (/mnt/Storage/proxmox) from my NAS to my backup drive, I get some errors...
  15. VMs not starting. Error: Storage 'NAS' is not online

    another update: 2 more VMs got started succesfully. This confirms that the NFS share should be working just fine.
  16. VMs not starting. Error: Storage 'NAS' is not online

    update: After visiting my girlfriend to kill some time, 1 more VM decided to start up. Nothing changed in the configs, I just let the server do nothing for a whole hour.
  17. VMs not starting. Error: Storage 'NAS' is not online

    Hii there, today, all VMs where just running normally, until the weather changed, which caused lightning to strike. Luckily, all physical machines where undamaged. However, during the strike, one of the fused blew, which caused all the servers to go off. (not a graceful shutdown) All physical...
  18. Increase CPU utilization?

    I've ran a benchmark called Y-Cruncher, and while running it, I noticed that the CPU usage ramped up. I also noticed that the system started to SWAP due to low memory. (512mb is a little on the low side, but I don't have more :C) Seems that indeed the disk I/O is too slow. Think I may have to...
  19. Increase CPU utilization?

    the disk system indeed is slow, but the part that made me think that the machine isn't using all of the CPU capabilities is because even the VM that does pretty much everything with the CPU is not slow (firefox can be unresponsive)
  20. Increase CPU utilization?

    Hii There, I'm using all sorts of VMs on my Proxmox servers, but even when they are all under a high-load (some services get a bit overloaded), the CPU usage of the physical machine is only ~4%? Is this number correct, or isn't the machine using all it's processing power? If it isn't all of the...


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