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  1. VPS Gateway and Host

    Hi, I've a question on how to best use IP Failover and Gateway when I move VPS from one host to another host. Which is the best solution to config VPS with an IP failover, so when I move it to another host, I don't need to reconfig NIC? The good thing is that the two host have the same gateway...
  2. Proxmox VE 2.2 catastrophe! - RESOLVED

    Re: Proxmox VE 2.2 catastrophe! -- Determination What happened?
  3. ZFS versus RAID+LVM

    I agree with you on OpenFiler. I'll try nas4free ... How is the support for nas4free and freeNas? On freeNas there is a good PDF doc.
  4. ZFS versus RAID+LVM

    I see others ( nas4free, etc ), but I think that FreeNAS and OpenFiler have more features.
  5. ZFS versus RAID+LVM

    Better if the 10Gbe support it's alredy in the kernel or similar without external patch.
  6. ZFS versus RAID+LVM

    I'm tring FreeNAS on a Parallels vm with 3 vdisk...It seems a good product.
  7. ZFS versus RAID+LVM

    I'm interested too in a shared solution for vps files and backups. Have you a solution with FreeNAS? have you tried Openfiler?
  8. Is it possible to hot add a raw file to recovery some file to a kvm vm?

    Is it possible to hot add a raw file to recovery some file to a kvm vm?
  9. Migration from Vmware Esxi to KVM V2V..

    Do that steps work for VmWare Windows VM?
  10. Migration from Vmware Esxi to KVM V2V..

    Sorry...I made a mistake..I mean VmWare Esxi to KVM The s.o. is Win 2003 Std.
  11. Migration from Vmware Esxi to KVM V2V..

    Is it possible to migrate from VmWare Kvm Esxi to KVM ? I tried to copy vmdk file to Proxmox, but when I start vm I've BSOD. I tried to run mergeide.reg but any positive results. Have you a help? Thanks
  12. Migration of servers to Proxmox VE

    Re: Reducing the size of a KVM Windows machine Is it possible to migrate from vmware to kvm V2V?
  13. Migrating VMWare VMs to Proxmox 2.0 - How to use an existing HD-image

    I've the same problem. Why is not possible to add bia Web Gui? Vmdk hdd is listed in storage section.
  14. Customize web pages

    Hi, How is possible to customize web frontend? Where are files? Thanks
  15. Network Shaping

    I think that the effort to add traffic limit is not high because there is already traffic bandwith limit.
  16. Add existing storage

    Hi, How add existing storage as 1.9v? To made this, I've to add them into vm config from console. Regards.
  17. Roles: How to Add new roles?

    Roles: How to Add new roles? PVEVMUser is a bit power for a simple customer... ( can made a lot of backups, change disk permformance, etc ). So I need to remove config. Thanks
  18. Network Shaping

    I see that there is Rate Limit in network card config. I think that may be good to add Traffic Limit, too. Is it in your plan? Thanks
  19. Transfer OpenVz e KVM from 1.8 to 2.1 without backup...

    Hi, Is it possible to transfer vms without backup from 1.8 to 2.1? That is: Copy private dir and config for openvz and images for kvm? Where are config file for kvm? Thanks
  20. Windows 2008-Server - Partitioning and Backup via Rsync over SSH ?

    Is it possible to send vm data files when vm is on without passing from Proxmox backup?


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