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  1. Unable to start all LXC after reboot

    Hi guys, I recently made a network change so I had to reboot proxmox. Before rebooting all CTs were working perfectly and I had just spun up a new LXC right before reboot. Sep 25 09:42:57 proxmox systemd[1]: Starting PVE LXC Container: 101... Sep 25 09:42:58 proxmox lxc-start[4603]...
  2. Pool constantly getting downgraded for unknown reasons

    Hi all, I have a couple of ZFS pools in my proxmox cluster but one of the pools has all drives constantly throwing errors and getting degraded then faulted. I have run full long SMART tests on all the drives multiple times and they all show up with 0 errors. Endurance use is also in the 2-3%...
  3. One or more devices could not be used because the label is missing or invalid

    Hello, For some reason Proxmox seems to have lost 2 of the drives in my zpool even though they are currently there. I noticed that the drives might have had a letter shifted (the disks currently exist as /dev/sdk and /dev/sdl). # zpool status pool: HDD state: DEGRADED status: One or more...
  4. ZFS encryption?

    I'm looking at the docs on ZOL and it seems a little dated? I've set up a new zpool via GUI and there was no option to add encryption. However, when running zpool get feature@encryption, the pool already has encryption=on. Does this mean there is already some sort of key encryption by default...
  5. [SOLVED] Ceph create OSD on unused disk failed, disk marked as used now

    Tried to create OSD on unused disk, process failed with "can't open exclusively". Now disk is marked as used by "Device Mapper". fdisk -l lists 3 OSDs (2 successfully created + the failed one). Can't zap it to clear it.
  6. Correct way to configure a cluster's network?

    Hi all, I have a bunch of public IPs and 3 HV servers running a hyper-converged Proxmox cluster. Current network config: eth0 = public internet facing traffic, eth1 = private storage network for Ceph traffic. Is it a good idea to bind the management traffic to a separate VLAN on the storage...
  7. Created user permissions not reflected in API

    Hi all, Still completely new to this ecosystem. I'm trying to create a PVE authenticated user with permissions to create other users with PVEVMUser permissions. Steps I've taken: 1. Datacenter > Permissions > Users > Add (Realm: PVE) 2. Datacenter > Pools > Create 3. Pool_Name > Permissions >...
  8. HAProxy roundrobin on PVE GUI throws 'no ticket' error

    Hi all, I've setup a HAProxy balance roundrobin on the PVE HVs and I'm getting the following error after logging in successfully. Anyone has a successful config? "Connection error 401: No ticket" Thanks!
  9. How to restrict VMs from changing IP address?

    Hello, Have been looking around Proxmox for a bit, cannot seem to find an option to lock VMs to their allocated IP address. Do I need to resort to a separate firewall box that runs DHCP? Any recommendations for this? Thanks!
  10. Placing a load-balancing reverse proxy in front of the cluster?

    Hi all, Currently spun up a 4-node cluster and assigned each HV a public IP. Not very comfortable with exposing the management interface to the internet so pondering alternatives. Wondering if it's a good idea to remove the public facing IPs of the proxmox HVs and placing them on a private...
  11. LVM over iSCSI - Base volume field unselectable

    Hi all, I've added an iSCSI LUN on the Datacenter level but I'm not able to create an LVM over the iSCSI. I'm able to select the iSCSI disk under Base storage but the required Base volume dropdown is empty. I've tested with both use LUN directly on and off. Also, when selecting the iSCSI disk...
  12. How to combine LFD with cluster level firewall?

    I'm getting a bunch of BF attacks on my HV's ports. I tried using CSF but it messes up connectivity on the VM level. VMs have their own public facing IPs.
  13. Moving from XS hardware to proxmox, how to build around SAN while retaining snapshots?

    Hello, Am migrating some hardware over from a XS environment and would like to retain 2 key features - snapshots while reusing as much hardware as possible. Have some cloud servers and a SAN that serves volumes over iSCSI. From the docs it seems like iSCSI does not support snapshots but there...


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