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  1. Network dies constantly

    Hi, You can try to update/re-flash your BIOS MB!
  2. Can I create two pve-zsync tasks?

    ... maybe also a time base firewall(open firewall 5 min before your task must be start for new ssh connection + statefull fw) for this task could be nice to have ;)
  3. Can I create two pve-zsync tasks?

    Hi, As a side note, I is highly recomended if you want to use any kind of backup, that the backup MUST be initiated by the buckup system and NOT by the source(security reson only - think that if your source is hacked, and the intouder can delete ALL your cron tasks, and the remote backups) !!!!!
  4. after online migration vm grows(ZFS/LVM)

    No. it make snapshots on source and replicate/copy them on destination.
  5. MX records multiple

    See the draw. In this case you do not need to change any default gw! A router who can do this is under 100 eur!
  6. MX records multiple

    You can use monit for automating this(check your both ISP connectivity, and iF isp A is down then change the default gw to B). Now a externel smtp server who now want to send a mail to you, using IP of isp A, and A is down, will try to re-send again the same mail using IP of your isp B(round...
  7. Write speeds fall off/VM lag during file copies ZFS

    Hi, arc_summary rpool | grep zfs_vdev_schedule ... so it is [mq-deadline] !!! You can change it like this: echo "none" > /sys/block/sdX/queue/scheduler
  8. Recover destroyed ZFS filesystem

    Hi, You can not recover any data from zfs using any tool that do not know very well about zfs. Your only chance is to use zdb(but depends ...) if you have at least some snapshot.
  9. How to manually copy containers to another Node in a cluster?

    Hi, Bad sectors can not be solved by anything. How can you copy the data from a bad sector (=unredable)?
  10. Properly delete created directorys and ZFS pool

    Hi, Go in storage and disable your folder. Then you could unmount it.
  11. MX records multiple

    Hi to all, Nice problem ... I would solve like this: - 2 different isp each of them conected on one system=PR (at least) with policy routing(if a connection will be in using isp A then the response will be sent using the same isp) - on this system is connected your PMG - dns, I would create...
  12. after online migration vm grows(ZFS/LVM)

    Hi Oleg, Yes the size could increase in size using zfs as storage if you use pve-zsync if at source and at destination you will have different zfs storage (like zpool mirror-> raidz). Anyway pve-zsync is the best tool that you can use. Also I would run before running pve-zsync a fstrim -a...
  13. Can I create two pve-zsync tasks?

    Hi, I think you could create 2 diferent tasks with pve-zsync for the same surce but using different destinations on the same destination host but using 2 different datasets. Good luck!
  14. Write speeds fall off/VM lag during file copies ZFS

    Hi, Can you setup on the ssd pool zfs_vdev_schedule = none insted of noop? and repeat your tests again(without post arc_summary)? Also some others info will be useful : zpool status -v zpool get all ${pool-name} - for ssd and 7.2 k pool
  15. Write speeds fall off/VM lag during file copies ZFS

    ... I write a reply but some security? was delete my post, and I do not have the time to write again! Anyway this new forum skin is very bad for my smart phone/and for my old eayes,, and is very time consuming for any post at least for me! Most of the time I can not see what I write(the...
  16. Disk cache/memory issues ZFS on RAID card.

    read as block device, sorry for my missleading(my bad english)
  17. Using Promox with a laptop

    On some models it work, but you can use a pseudo-bridge, like this using proxy-arp:
  18. Write speeds fall off/VM lag during file copies ZFS

    Hi @homelabber , Can you start/boot your system , and then start your VM. Wait 5-10 min, and run again your tests as you wrote in this thread, but before/after each test run this as root: arc_summary Good luck!
  19. Disk cache/memory issues ZFS on RAID card.

    Hi, Cache-ing mode is only one tiny part of zfs .... ;) Cache Type Uses Host Page Cache Guest Disk "WCE" on WriteBack YES YES None NO YES WriteThrough YES NO DirectSync NO NO WCE=write cache enabled Source: Generally speaking, with only...
  20. setup on hetzner and security of the proxmox control pannel

    Hi, This can also be done also for ProxMox(using hetzner firewall), if this you want. You will need to open your udp/ovpn-port and/or ssh(must to have in my opinion). If your ovpn will die, then you could use ssh! Good luck


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