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  1. Hannes Laimer

    External Storage Configuration

    Hey, could you post the output of lsblk. Do you have data on them? I assume you have multiple drives and you would like to add them as one big, the easiest way to achieve that is probably by using LVM. pvcreate /dev/sda /dev/sdb /dev/sdc ... vgcreate <volume_group_name> /dev/sda /dev/sdb...
  2. Hannes Laimer

    Installation PBS for Testing on an fresh PVE hangs

    You're right. The problem should be fixed in the next few days, for now installing proxmox-backup-server directly, instead of the proxmox-backup metapackege should fix the problem.
  3. Hannes Laimer

    Installation PBS for Testing on an fresh PVE hangs

    Hey, did you follow Are you using Debian Buster, or an earlier version?
  4. Hannes Laimer

    Cant boot from Hard drive

    Does this always happen on the same VMs? And could you please post the error message.
  5. Hannes Laimer

    Activity Log Inaccurate

    What PVE version have you installed?
  6. Hannes Laimer

    Activity Log Inaccurate

    What happens if you double-click that original task in the task list?
  7. Hannes Laimer

    Activity Log Inaccurate

    Does the task show up in the task list at the bottom of the screen?
  8. Hannes Laimer

    Activity Log Inaccurate

    Where exactly are you missing those logs? You can double-click tasks then a window pops up, showing detailed logs of that task.
  9. Hannes Laimer

    Problem with connection VM to internet - Proxmox 6.2

    Hey, you have set the DNS to, unless you actually have a DNS server running there you should set it to something like Could you try it again with as a nameserver, if it still doesn't work the problem is the forwarding itself.
  10. Hannes Laimer

    Local-LVM disk lost

    What live CD did you use? It is important that everything in the pve-pool is inactive, so make sure you check that before you run any of the commands. vgchange -a n pve should set all lv's to inactive, you can verify that with lvscan.
  11. Hannes Laimer

    about vm summary Notes api question.

    Hey, in the API notes are called description. So just send the notes in the description-field over the API.
  12. Hannes Laimer

    Installing Proxmox on a dedicated Server

    Hey Ben, Admin Guide chapter 2.4 describes how to install PVE on a Debian System. You just have to replace your Ubuntu 18.04 installation with a Debian Buster installation, then you can follow the short guide mentioned before.
  13. Hannes Laimer

    Local-LVM disk lost

    lvresize --poolmetadatasize +1G pve/data will increase the space for metadata, since it is possible that it's full. Could you try to run vgcfgrestore pve --test(and if it works, without --test) from a live OS with chroot into your installation.
  14. Hannes Laimer

    Local-LVM disk lost

    Seems to be a similar situation as here: You can try the steps mentioned there, if it doesn't solve the problem just post here again.
  15. Hannes Laimer

    Local-LVM disk lost

    vgcfgrestore pve --test if this works you can remove the --test, it will restore metadata for the pve volumegroup from the most recent backup (Wed Sep 2 22:47:27 2020). Than you can try lvm lvchange -ay /dev/pve/vm-<id>... for the VMs and data.
  16. Hannes Laimer

    Local-LVM disk lost

    Hey, could you check what LVM has to say with pvscan vgscan vgcfgrestore --list <your volume group> Have you tried to activate them with lvm vgchange -ay /dev/pve/...? What does it output?
  17. Hannes Laimer

    [SOLVED] Should I use KernelCare?

    Hey Razvan, might help you.
  18. Hannes Laimer

    arbeiten mit Http API - optionale Infos anfordern

    Hallo Siegfried, optional bedeutet hier einfach, dass manche Informationen nicht immer verfuegbar sind. Die meisten optionalen Informationen sind hier nur verfuegbar wenn der Node nicht Offline ist. Es sollten immer alle verfuegbaren Informationen zurueckgeliefert werden.
  19. Hannes Laimer

    Two node Proxmox

    Copy everything from /etc/pve/nodes/<oldname> to /etc/pve/nodes/<newname>, then remove /etc/pve/nodes/<oldname>.
  20. Hannes Laimer

    Two node Proxmox

    Renaming has to be done on an empty node. Try following:


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