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  1. Dominic

    Connect pve host machine to internet only...

    You can rule out nameserver problems by using ping as a first step. What modem do you have? Is there any way that you can check connectivity between computer<->modem or modem<->internet independently? What is the output of the following? ip -c a
  2. Dominic

    Corrupt backup? Unable to restore, but backups succeed

    Thank you! Could you perform an update of your system? Currently all repositories (including enterprise) should have version 6.2-14 of qemu-server. Otherwise we might be trying to fix something that has already changed.
  3. Dominic

    Corrupt backup? Unable to restore, but backups succeed

    There have been some changes to this part of the code recently, so it would be great to know your exact version numbers. Could you please post the following? sed -n '660,680p' /usr/share/perl5/PVE/VZDump/ pveversion -v qm config 3010 cat /etc/pve/storage.cfg mount | grep nfs...
  4. Dominic

    SQL Server unter Server 2019 / Applikation stürzt ab

    Bringen die Windows Performance Tweaks aus der Wiki vielleicht etwas? Könntest du für beide VMs die genaue VM-Konfiguration qm config <VMID> und einen Screenshot von der Leistungsüberwachung in Windows posten?
  5. Dominic

    running proxmox inside a proxmox VM?

    We use nested virtualization for development here, by the way. It should be sufficient to have a single bridge on the host. The PVE reference documentation shows such a default configuration. You can then just repeat this for the nested hosts.
  6. Dominic

    Attempting a Migration from VmWare ESXi 5.1 to Proxmox 6.2-6

    This is really important for Windows VMs as they usually don't have the required drivers. Please follow the Windows guest best practices to improve the performance of your VM after importing. I just added a big yellow note to that part of the wiki, so that those Windows steps are not overlooked...
  7. Dominic

    why destoy vm take too much time

    Do you destroy VMs from CLI or GUI?
  8. Dominic

    After Hper-V VM import grub-efi-amd64-signed problems

    Does this happen in all your Ubuntu VMs?
  9. Dominic

    [SOLVED] move Windows Hyper-V-VM to Proxmox

    Great that you could solve your problem! If you have a minute, it would be great if you could mark the thread as solved by editing your top post. This way others know what to expect. There is also a short section about HyperV migrations in the wiki by the way.
  10. Dominic

    create NFS share from Proxmox to ESXi for migrations

    I just tried this and it worked without much configuration. Did you follow something like this guide? Could you try something like this? showmount -e localhost # on the nfs server showmount -e # from somewhere else mkdir nfstest mount -v -t nfs -o vers=3 ~/nfstest...
  11. Dominic

    Importing Virtualbox VM to Proxmox VE 6.x?

    Oracle VM VirtualBox supports exporting appliances to OVF format. I suggest doing that. With a little luck importing to Proxmox VE should then be a single command qm importovf. For documentation you should take a look at our migration guide. VirtualBox is not explicitly mentioned there yet, but...
  12. Dominic

    Proxmox Speed

    You can install Proxmox VE for free and perform benchmarks on your hardware. The performance will be exactly the same when you get a subscription.
  13. Dominic

    Cluster die after adding the 39th node! Proxmox is not stable!

    As @spirit mentioned, it is strongly recommended to have (physically) separated networks for storage and cluster. The faster the network the better. Unfortunately, with a 10G switch that handles both storage and cluster traffic for a 39 node cluster, I wouldn't be surprised about unsatisfying...
  14. Dominic

    [SOLVED] Backup is failing with exit code 1

    Great that you could solve the problem! It would be nice if you could mark the thread as solved by editing your top post and changing the prefix. This way, others know what to expect when clicking on it.
  15. Dominic

    pmxc - A python shell client for Proxmox VE

    Added a (very) short description to all Python clients. I am not even sure if the other clients are still working. They have last commits from about 8 years ago.
  16. Dominic

    Proxmox 6.1 OOM killed a VM

    I couldn't take a detailed look at it yet, but maybe this thread and bug are relevant? Could you maybe try to adapt RuntimeMaxFileSize=5M RuntimeMaxFiles=3 in /etc/systemd/journald.conf, too?
  17. Dominic

    Windows Server 2016 can't login via NOVNC

    I don't know how RDP licensing works exactly, but if cloning and changing a few configuration parameters works, then I don't think that PVE itself is the problem.
  18. Dominic

    Info: Kernel 5.7 up to 5.8.5 or such breaks usbip!!

    We use Ubuntu LTS Kernels. Looking at the Ubuntu Releases, version 5.4 of the kernel should stay for a while in Proxmox VE. As a consequence, it is likely that version range 5.7 to 5.8.5 will not be used in Proxmox VE and that this bug about USB/IP will not come to light.
  19. Dominic

    Looking for advice for PE reinstallation

    zpool status should show something: ~ zpool status pool: zpool state: ONLINE scan: none requested config: NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM zpool ONLINE 0 0 0 sdb ONLINE 0 0 0 cache sdc ONLINE 0 0 0...


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